fun at mcdonalds

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Ryax, May 16, 2006.

  1. so, i went to mcdonalds.
    a cop walks in to buy some food, i ofcourse and a little bit scared because i had a jar full of skunk weed and money and a bowl in my pockets. Well i played the shit off non-chalant or whatever and the cop bounces and i spilt my drink on the floor good thing the cop wasnt there to get the glory of watching me clean up my mess, cause' i threw some napkins on it and bounced like it was my job. woot. lol

    ps the soda got on this girl's leg and she said "ewww some of it got on my leg" and in my head i was cracking up. the girl wasnt bad looking either
  2. you think that is fun, i work at mcdonalds at have a blast all the time...........sunday when i worked me and the other 3 closers plus some friends that came over got high.........then my manager and i got into a fight tring to pull each other's shirts off the was fun as hell.............i will never foget that day, i have scratches and bruises all over my arms and my back is sore from being slammed on the rocks, but it was fun.................i would do it again in a heartbeat.............i know all the guys enjoyed it..............hahaha................;)
  3. Please stop doing that.

  4. haha yesterday at mcdonalds the dude in front of me, he was like 40, got a strawberry shake or whatever they are, he dropped his tray, and the shake spilled onto my brand new BIRDMAN shoes, i just stared at my shoe until the fucker got a napkin and cleaned it off! then i placed my order
  5. How does a bird man make a shoe? Birds dont even have fingaz.

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