Fun activities to do on hash?

Discussion in 'General' started by SkullUCG, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Hey all i got some hash the other day and have never smoked it in a heavy amount. I tried a small pinch and went for a walk just to make sure i could handle it. ((The fuckin forest started growing around me :D))

    Anyways im gonna try a full bowl to pass the day away but im not sure what are some interesting things to do on hash. I thought about trying to play guitar but whenever i do that on herb i cant hit the right notes or keep a song going to save my life, i keep getting lost in my own music and when i stop im just like wtf just happened?

    haha, but yeah? any suggestions, thought about just trippin bawlz and playing CoD4 but i dunno how that would work out either.
  2. It's not that different to weed. You still get stoned.
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    I smoked a bowl of hash. A single hit on my bong and cleared the whole thing. I was higher than god

    go on another walk in the woods then go back and play
    a shitload of games

  4. agreed, its not like acid or anything. just do what you would normally do after smoking. a walk in the woods sounds great.
  5. Yeah a walk sounds so bomb right now, think ima go that. I know the perfect trail, the mid section looks exactly like some shit from LotR, plus its haunted so thats a double whammy.

    brb. :cool:
  6. everything is more fun with hash,

    you know what the most fun thing to do is?

    if you have a bong. get some hash, some honey oil and some bud, put a pinch of bud at the bottom of the bong, the hash on top, then the honey oil on top of that, then stroke a huge onie, and then tell me you don't feel great.
  7. what's wrong with a walk in the woods on acid?
  8. Dude, its just concentrated THC, its not fucking PCP or anything. Shit dude, just go do whatever you normally do when your high, or whatever interests you. This is like those "what music is best of acid" threads, it all boils down to personal preference man.
  9. I didnt smoke for a few days before i did it, that mixed with a fairly rough workday meant the hash hit me at the perfect time. Still feelin pretty good, think i might go to the bank later and try to take out a loan, its been on my to-do list.

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