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Fumo Pipe

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by MOPMan, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. I was doing some web surfing tonight looking for some info on Luke Wilson downstems and I stumbled across this pipe called the Fumo pipe and I was wondering if anyone has tried it or knows anything about it and how is compares to the incredibowl?

    P.S. This is my first post but please do not think I work for either company, I read all 71 pages of the incredibowl thread and I know how low post accounts can get treated.
  2. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIWjQyGxHUA&feature=player_profilepage]YouTube - Linda reviews the Fumo Pipe[/ame]

    she actually compares the two aswell
  3. Yeah I saw that but there isn't much comparison or review she just kinda shows how you smoke out of it instead of talking about how the pipe smoked.
  4. ill let you guys know. i have the incredibowl m420 which is equivalent size wise. and for accurate comparison ill use both stock chambers and both extended and on the fumo ill run the 9'' pipe since the incredibowl xl chamber is about 9'' anywho

    imo the incredibowl hits way to harsh if its not packed tight enough, or so i found out through trial and error
  5. I am antsy to see your review. To me it looks like Fumo kinda ripped off the Incredibowl IMHO but I have never smoked out of either nor have I actually seen them in person.
    Won't any pipe hit harsh if it's not packed tight enough?
  6. Never understood the concept of taking the easiest action (lifting finger off the carb) and making it into an overly complicated action that requires moving parts. :confused_2:.
  7. agreed :smoke:

    this looks like a pretty cool piece. i think if i ever got this or the incredibowl, it would only be for taking them from place to place though (i.e. smoking at a friends) because of the durability.
  8. thats my 1 of my uses mainly because im a bicycle guy and ive had broken glass in my pocket and its not fun.

    in some of the vid you see online they dont actually pack it well before hitting it. i personally squish it with a pen so its packed tighter than a regular bowl would be
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    all right. Fumo got here just a few days ago:hello:, so heres my compare and contrast for The Fumo Pipe and The Incredibowl M420. ill have pictures up once i get a new phone. i lost my old one to water damage.:(

    machined aluminum head unit :hello:
    poly carbonate chamber:hello:
    chambers are interchangeable between both pipes:hello:
    limited lifetime warranty:hello:
    simple assembly = easy cleaning:hello:
    extreme high impact durable:hello:
    ie. dropped off balcony, idiot friends etc...

    Fumo Pipe
    push button carb
    surgical grade stainless steel bowl
    glass bowl option
    bowl on top of pipe

    Incredibowl M420
    annular purge carb
    glass bowl only
    bowl at tip of pipe
    lighter wight head unit

    now enough about what they are. i like both of them. great for groups. fumo is a little better in that department due to the larger bowl size in comparison to the m420. i would run the fumo in any group over 2-3, cause the bowls on the m420 just arent typically that large:( like the fumos glass bowl. the stock tubes will sit nicely in a pocket on your jeans or jacket for that quickie on the go.:smoke::smoke::smoke: . i just throw both in and let the group deciede. to each his own. i feel that the fumo pipe clears no differently that my 12" glass steamroller. the incredibowl more jets the smoke down and lets you inhale air. easier demonstrated than explained. you really just need to try it to see if youd like it.
    like i said once i get a new phone - very soon i hope - ill post up some pics for you guys

    anyone here orange county, ca or the like area?:smoke:

    as for the stock chambers, both hit well. fave driving pipe is the fumo pipe. fave chillin pipe is the incredibowl. as for the steel bowl, i did notice a slight metalic taste but the screen on the fumo pipe is near the near the burning herb while the incredibowl is farther down where the smoke hits the chamber.

    yeah the fumo pipe probably would have never been made had the incredibowl not come out. they used the oring seal and the tube flare like the I420 and the small diameter tubes like the M420. both are identical in size and the only thing fumo has differently is they have more tube lengths available online.
  10. does anyone know where i can order the fumo with glass bowls & extension chamber exept from NM Distribution, the $19 international flat rate shipping is a pain
  11. it sucks how the fumo is passivated but the screen is just below, touching the herb, yes it is passivated but the screens gets burned though, design error

  12. Not for the pricing NM has
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    I received my Fumo Pipe about a month and a half ago. I have used it ever since and to me, it is incredible. I am an old fart who has been hobby farming my own pot for a little less than 2 years. I have not smoked pot in 20 years or more so my endorsement should be qualified as one coming from an inexperienced user. I am retired and plan on getting experienced with the crops I grow during the next few years. I plan on spending plenty of time out on the terrace enjoying my crops.

    When I harvested my first crop and started to consume it, I dug out an old bong and a old wooden pipe that was stored on the top shelf in the pantry (way in the back). Shortly after I paid a visit to a head shop and made several over the counter purchases (a glass pipe, a smaller bong and a metal pipe). All were somewhat lacking in one way or another and did not improve my smoking experience.

    Looking for other options, I checked out various web sites and ran across the mention of the Fumo Pipe (YouTube has several entries on the Fumo Pipe, how it performs etc). While I was reluctant to spend the large amount that they wanted for the Fumo Pipe, I took the plunge and bought one anyway. It was a decision somewhat like I made when after my first harvest I decided to invest in a proper Grow Lamp for better results. Scary at first because of the expense, but in the end it was the right way to go. The same can be said about my Fumo Pipe purchase.

    I am very impressed with the quality of the pipe. The fit and finish is top notch and very well designed. Mine works like a charm and delivers great hits time and again. I have found that the pipe does call for a little bit more intense cleaning than other pipes and bongs that I have used. Cleaning the pipe is not hard at all. The cleaning instructions say to clean the pipe you drop it into boiling water and let it soak and boil for a while. To an old fart like myself, I think that is amazing that it is designed to do that. To clean it, you boil it. You then use the supplied cleaning tool and a paper towel to get into the nooks and crannies to remove the softened gunk (tar residue mostly) and wipe down the inside of the tube. The pipe is so well made that it makes cleaning it fun for someone of my age (59) who can appreciate the design, fit and finish.

    The standard bowl is a bit on the small size, but that has not been a problem for me since I am the only one smoking. The bowl can be replaced with a larger bowl that can be purchased on the Fumo Pipe web site should you need to pass the pipe around. They also sell other parts for the pipe as well should you need to replace something that wears out. I don't see that happening for a long time (other than screen replacements).

    The pipe I bought came with three bowl screens. These screens are made of stainless steel like the rest of the pipe. All of the screens I have used in the past on my bongs or pipes were brass screens. In my opinion, there is no comparison. Stainless steel is the way to go. The screen mesh is strong and long lasting. I am very impressed with the screens. I use a small stiff bristle painters brush to assist in keeping the screen unplugged in between through cleanings. I find that it works best to clean the screen after each bowl otherwise the screen will tend to plug up over time. Replacement screens are available on the web site.

    I highly recommend the Fumo Pipe.

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