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Fumar Verde's Detailed Firecracker Thread /w Pics

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Fumar Verde, Feb 18, 2010.

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    Updated 10/9/2010

    First of all, I know there is a sticky, I just wanted to make my own thread and try to address some things:

    A "firecracker" is an edible that uses peanut butter, nutella, or some other fatty spread sandwiched between two crackers sprinkled with herb to absorb THC. They can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 1/2 hours to kick in. They only take about a half hour to make, if that.

    Now Lets Start

    Things you need

    • 1 sheet of Tin Foil
    • .5g-1g of very finely ground herb [anything from schwag to dank, i suggest not using the dankest you have. Make sure it is almost dust like consistency. I used high mids for these]
    • Oven [NOT Microwave, either toaster oven or stove oven]
    • Timer
    • Organic Peanut Butter or Nutella will work, but my USUAL recipe is a mix of both with some canola oil and a slice of butter. [sidenote: I used chunky peanut butter in these pictures because it was all I had at the time, I PREFER using a mixture of nutella, 2-3 Tsp of canola oil, smuckers organic peanut butter, and a dab of butter.]
    • A cookie sheet or other oven safe pan
    • At least 2 crackers of some sort [Saltine, Ritz, Graham, it all works]

    Step 1

    Preheat your oven on bake to 350 degrees.


    Step 2

    Lay out a sheet of tin foil [with the reflective side up]. Next, lay out 2-4 crackers on top of the tin foil. Spread a thick [but not overflowing] mixture of your peanut butter/nutella/mix onto the crackers. Then, take your herb and pour it around the center. I used about a gram of herb, that was ground up in my grinder about 3 times. DEFINITELY grind all your herb more than twice to get it more dust like. It should look similar to this:


    [this is an optical illusion by the way, there is much more herb on there than it looks like, as you will see from the next picture]

    Step 3

    Use a toothpick or similar object to spread the herb around the cracker evenly. Also be sure to lightly press the herb down into the mix so that it will be absorbed when cooked. Lookie here:


    Make sure you mix it in well on the cracker, you want to get the herb mixed well within the peanut butter. Also, make sure that you don't get a whole lot of herb outside of the crackers.

    Step 4

    Sandwich the cracker WITHOUT the herb on it, onto the one with it and give it a slight twist to further mix in the herb/peanut butter well. Then, press down semi-hard on it to make sure its very much stuck together.


    Step 5


    After it is sandwiched, use your index finger and seal the perimeter of the firecracker by running your finger around the edges. This will keep it from overflowing alot, but will also keep the herb bunched up and mixed in.


    Step 6

    Time to Wrap it up! Any wrapping method will work as long as it's pretty tight. If you are interested, this is my method of wrapping:


    First fold one side of the tin foil over both crackers, and use your hands to shape it to the cracker:



    Fold the opposite side down...


    Then around the firecracker to the other side



    Now, fold the left and right ends shut on top.



    Step 6

    Throw your wrapped firecracker on your cookie sheet or baking pan, and ONCE YOUR OVEN IS AT 350 DEGREES, put them in and set your time for 20-25 minutes; your decision. I did mine for 23 minutes this time around.


    At around 18 minutes, the oven and surrounded area begins to smell like cooked peanut butter. It is a pleasant smell, and isn't suspicious at all. :D

    Step 7

    After your 20-25 minute wait, take out the pan and firecracker, and let them cool for at least 5-10 minutes.

    Step 8


    Note: I found that if they taste horrible and very danky, thats a GOOD thing. If they taste surprisingly good it means that not all/alot of the THC did not absorb. We want it to taste danky with maybe a hint of sweetness; not really sweet with a hint of dankness. So they should taste pretty danky, and may require milk or something to wash it down, but it will be worth it.



    Q: Why did you mix peanut butter, nutella, and oil?
    A: For a higher fat content. The THC and other key chemicals gets absorbed into this fat content, and its better to have fat overkill than underkill.

    Q: Will this smell like green at all?
    A: Not during the cooking process, after they are done and have sat for a few hours you can smell a slight hint of greenery. This is easily countered by putting the wrapped firecracker in a ziplock bag and hiding it in a drawer with clothes or something.

    Q: I don't have any crackers, can I use bread as a cracker?
    A: No. Bread will absorb the oils and render your firecracker useless

    Q: I don't have an oven, can I use the microwave?
    A: You theoretically can, and you might still get the effects, but microwaves kill THC, for full effect, I recommend straying from this possibility, and using the oven.

    Q: What dosage should I use?
    A: Depends. If you've had edibles before, and are very tolerant to herb, you may want to do .7+. In these pictures, I used 1 full gram.

    Q: Will they mold or something if I let them sit?
    A: No, if you keep them wrapped and in a ziplock bag, you can keep them for weeks potentially.

    Q:How many of these have you made?
    A: This is roughly my 35th firecracker I've made. Up to 107 as of 10/8/10.

    Q: How long does the effects last?
    A: Variable, but usually 5-8 hours. I've had one last as long as 13 before, and heard other reports of 12+.

    Q: I need to know EXACTLY what brands you used, can you tell me?
    A: Sure: Regular Skippy PB, Nutella, Shop Rite Canola Oil, high mids, Reynold's Tin foil, Magic Chef oven, my phone as a timer.

    Q: I've heard of preheating the herb to activate it first, what do you say to this?
    A: I say go ahead and try it! I havent done it yet, but will with my next batch, should work the same.

    Q: How does it feel in comparison to smoking?
    A: I find that edibles; especially firecrackers, give me much more of a bodily high than a head high. You will definitely feel it in your muscles, legs, ect.

    Q: Can I eat these before school/work?
    A: I wouldnt advise it, but perhaps before a movie, theme park, ect would be awesome!

    Q: How much did you ingredients did you add to make your mixture?

    A: Well, I had about 1/2 of a jar of nutella still left, so I mixed in 2 giant scoops of Skippy Peanut Butter [i'd say about 5-8 tablespoons worth], and then pour in copious amounts of canola oil [i'd say 5 tablespoons]

    Thanks guys, and good luck. Any further questions can be posted here, and I will add them to the list as well.
  2. I'll make the pictures smaller later, gotta run to class guys, brb
  3. Smaller pictures are now in effect
  4. By the way, me and 4 of my other friends are all gonna do these tomorrow [saturday], i will definitely report how it goes.
  5. I think I'm gonna try this today. I just need some crackers. I will use more PB then nutella in the mix though for added fat. I'm assuming you could use any cooking oil for this mix?
  6. It's much faster if you just mix and boil the chocolate herb oil and then use it to spread on anything.
  7. #7 Fumar Verde, Feb 20, 2010
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    Yup. Any cooking oil would work. I prefer canola oil due to the taste reasons, but any cooking oil works.

    Yeah but thats also more involved and easier to mess up. If you cook for too long for example, the herb will loose effectiveness. Plus, in contact with direct fire, im sure the peanut butter mixture would react different.

    Btw, gonna do our firecrackers [me, my girl, her friend, and my other friend] at 12:30am. Will post results upon return.
  8. why did you waste your time making this thread when there are countless threads with the exact same thing.
  9. Not a waste if I've gotten multiple views, and people who are willing to try it...

    and mine addresses some of the most common questions AHEAD of time in the Q&A section instead of people making a thousand threads asking questions.

    The better question is, why did you waste your time telling me im wasting my time instead of contributing useful information or a valid question?

    In other news, we all did our firecrackers yesterday and OMFG. My one friend had a 1g firecracker, and we were all completely gone. I took mine at 11:15, by 12:30 i was frozen in the couch lol. It was epic. Im gonna use even more herb next time.
  10. I find multiple threads to be far far far better than one....thanks Fumar! This I'm going to try.
  11. No problem bud.

    Yeah I think that more input is better, especially because there are soooo many different ways to make firecrackers. I just thought I'd share my specific way with pictures, and address some of the most common questions all in the same thread.
  12. Making 3 more firecrackers within the next 3 days for my friends. Gonna use 1g on two of them, and .6 on one of them. Gonna cook them for 24 minutes, and add a lot more canola oil first. Will report results on Friday when they eat them.
  13. "Gram Graham's" section added! Look at my first post to see! Gonna give it to one of my friends, will report results tomorrow.
  14. So here is the report:

    My friends, D and S were the ones who recieved the 1 gram graham cracker firecrackers.

    They ate them at 9:15pm yesterday [Friday], but drank shots before hand.

    10:30 they were still only feeling the alcohol.

    11:00 still only the alcohol

    11:30, they were completely out of it. They left the party we were at so they could just sit down and chill for a bit. D text me saying he felt amazing, and that everything was hilarious and he felt all tingly.

    12:30 only got STRONGER, by this time D and S were on the floor dying out laughin, yelling out pokemon names.

    1:30 more of the same stuff, hilarity and sloppiness

    2:00 they started to get tired and went to bed fucked up

    note: they didnt wake up until about 20 mins ago [2:40pm Saturday], and still woke up kinda woozy.

  15. Yes! Thank you. I had so many questions about firecrackers. You answered all of them. Im trying your method and only yours seems legit. i have everything ready ima go get my cook on. :) Thanks again!
  16. Haha thanks dude (blush) lol.

    Im gonna make another batch of graham grams tomorrow [3 of them]. I will post results and pics [of them completed not the process] lol

    Im gonna try... 350F for 24 mins.
  17. Thanks for this thread this is great! I have heard that oven temperature is a major factor when making these and Ive seen that some people heat their oven to 320 and put the crackers in for 20-22min instead of 350. Do you think 350 is too high? Im making these next week and im prob gonna use your nutella butter mix :D
  18. No, but anything above 350 is too high. I've done 325 before as well. Anything that floats your boat bud.
  19. Okay cool, thanks man
  20. Just made 4 more graham grams and one .5g firecracker.

    This time, I will also be partaking [I have a graham gram] and 3 of my other friends will have graham grams, and 1 will have the .5g.

    This was also a bit of an experiment:

    Did 2 with Nutella and Canola Oil and 3 with Peanut Butter, Nutella, and unnecessary amounts of Canola Oil.

    Will report results tomorrow [technically later today]

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