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Discussion in 'General' started by blunt_Gabe, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. I wake up and brush my teeth and wash my face then smoke a few bowls. I find my self getting high when ever i have time to sit down. I currently attend the schittist college in the nation (bemidji state) and im always being asked what do u want to be when i get older and i always give a blank stare or lie

    my mom:so what do u want to do with life after school?

    Now i have a anwser to that question

    my mom: so what do u want to do with your life?
    b_g:aaaaa i forgot........oh yea a full time toker

    All of the kids that i graduated with from high school have plans to be doctors and chemists but i just want to be a full time toker....no wonder i didnt get most likely to succeed

    Thanks mary jane your the only girl for me
    ( fuck bemidji state football oh yea coach teash lick my balls faggot)
    Peace All!!
  2. ...u could get a job?
    and arent those the same 2 questions?
  3. Hay man im a full time toker hav been since before i quit school. hav had a few breaks her and there, only because i couldnt get me hands on any, like my liberity was taken away, but any job i worked i smoked. im just getting into the pleasures of growin any way keep puffin. bong on Greentoker.
  4. Yea, you can keep up a job and be a full time toker.

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