Full Spectrum LED vs CFL

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by bcharley2010, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. hate to double post..op in micro grow section but getting no answers on the question...
    pros and cons for full spectrum leds vs cfls?
  2. Full spectrum meaning from 380nm to 780nm?

    If that's the case, CFLs will be better.

    Here's why:
    LEDs have low wattage, so they don't "penetrate" very well. Wattage is just the power of the bulb, so the more power, the further it will go (why people use HID for larger plants). LEDs are great because most of the lumens they put out is in PAR in the blues and the reds. SOME full spectrum light is probably good for the plants, but the idea is to focus the little wattage they produce into energy the plants can use.

    Fluoros and CFLs do this as well-- hence the 2700K and 6500K bulbs-- but nowhere near as well as the LEDs do. A lot of energy is "wasted" on putting out lumens that aren't in PAR range.

    If LEDs were using all full spectrum lighting, then most of the little power they already put out will be useless and the plants would recieve very little energy.

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