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Full Spectrum Autistic & Cannabis

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by HerbTwist, May 27, 2019.

  1. I am not autistic, and do not know any full spectrum austic people around me. But I've always been curious to see how cannabis, would effect a full spectrum autistic person. I would think this could improve speech, and maybe even other issues that correspond with autistic people. Does anyone have any experience in this?

    Pic is my 1st grow in process!

    -HerbTwist 20190527_110211.jpg

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  2. My nephew has autism I never heard him talk till I gave him an edible then he wouldn’t shut up even his parents were pissed. I was enjoying the conversation though dudes super smart.
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  3. I would be curious too. Cannabis seems to surprise us over and over.
  4. Cannabis' phytocannabinoids spark neurogenesis in our cells... that provides more ability to form neurotransmitters and fire them into usable signalling... Yes, it helps a lot
  5. I am on the spectrum but have never heard of a ‘full spectrum’ person. There are levels in the DSM-5.
    If I didn’t smoke, I’d be either completely engrossed in the current interest, while everything else suffered, or a fidgeting idiot locked up in my apt. In either scenario I wouldn’t be able to be out in the world or around people.
  6. How do you know if your in the spectrum? Cognitive test? Brain scan?
  7. Suspected it after doing some research approx four years ago, then getting the formal assessment and diagnosis a couple of years ago.
    My father has it as well.
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  8. A verbal assessment?
  9. Yes and no. It was spread out over five meetings. A LOT of questions in the first four, including an IQ test, a couple of self-report questionnaires, then a two hour session with a Psychologist that’s trained how to do the assessment.
  10. The most unreliable of all tests.

    Congratulations anyways on becoming an artist
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  11. Yeah the IQ test was amusing, but then again most of the assessment was. They tried to do those ink-blot cards but I wasn’t havin’ it. That’s been proven to be bs.

    Thx. Shoulda done this years ago, but glad I am now.
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