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  1. basically I ended up with a box of full size phillies (2 boxes of 5 for $6). Any way to roll blunts with these that's remotely practical? Thanks
  2. wet em up and dry em with a lighter..welcome to the 90s lol
  3. Ya but would it take so much weed that it wouldn't make sense? A cigarillo blunt holds like 2g so an actual cigar must hold what 5-6?
  4. you can roll a solid rillo with a .5, even a .4, just poke it with somethin after you roll and tear off the excess. I also like to tear off the glue strip that seals the blunt(its just another unecessary carcinogen).

    For one of thosse big ones U should roll up a G, or .8 at least, tear off the excess paper tho after you poke, may even want to tear a little horizontally before you roll, depending how much your rollin up.
  5. Ok cool thanks
  6. Sorry to rez post but bro... .8 in a cigar? Are you crazy!? They are like fucking huge. I'm a faithful blunt smoker and I would never do that to my lungs. I barely enjoy a .8 in a Rillo smh

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  7. I agree with dj wtf man no way your rolling a decent blunt with .4!

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