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[Full Review] Weed Star Double Bubbler 2.0 (Lots of HQ Pics, HD Vids, etc.!!)

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by spikeystud88, May 14, 2010.

  1. Thanks again guys for another cool update/video :wave:
    No're delivering quality posts time and time again !
  2. Ha thanks planky :hello:!

    *tries to rep you and fails*

  3. ty ty flip video=awesome. :hello: one day when i actually can rep, you will be one of the first!
  4. ooo lol, take your time ^^
    BTW purple or green rep is the same..always appreciated from blades like you guys :love:
  5. Man this bub looks the bomb, This review made me Whip out my Credit card but grasscity has run outa stock! noo!! is there anywhere else i can get these? or will g.c have them back in stock soon? :(
  6. does anyone have a good name for this fella? we havent been able to thing of a good one yet :(

  7. True i feel like this deserves a much better (shorter) cool name for it.

  8. Trust me man, wait for that shit to come back in stock and then snatch it right up! It's worth every penny, it's an awesome piece for the price!
  9. ONLY problem, no where to set it. So try to figure out a good place when youre chillin, it's pretty annoying, other than that its awesome.

  10. Yea thanks spikey for the awesome review, im defiantly guna wait for it, i just hope it comes back in stock soon because my bong broke:( and im in need of somthing new asap.
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    Very true. The ONE pitfall is that it doesn't stand up very well. I'm not sure if I just have too much water/not enough water/heavy slides (they're not heavy though lol), but the damn thing just tips over too easily. I usually just lean it up against something, but yeah it can be annoying. I plan on mentioning it to Ziggi so he can do something with the base...or at least explain to me how to make it stand up properly lol!

    It'll be worth it, trust me!
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    As always be sure to watch in HD!

    Bubbly Hit #1:
    [ame=""]YouTube- Bubbly Weed Star Double Bubbler 2.0 hit[/ame]
    Watch in HD and check out the stackage around 5-6 seconds!

    Bubbly Hit #2:
    [ame=""]YouTube- Bubbly Hit out of my Weed Star Double Bubbler 2.0[/ame]

    Both vids have some pretty sick stackage...especially for an $80 piece! Also in 10-15 mins the HD version will be available :).

    What's a good free (or easy to find if you know what I mean) video editing program that allows me to zoom in on certain parts of the video and slow down during certain parts (but not the entire thing)? I really wanted to slow down and zoom in on that stackage in the first vid!
  13. Sick hair going on here bro :p
  14. Lol, it's definitely time for a haircut. Check my profile pic for a better view :).

    Also...I STILL cant fucking rep you....

  15. I wasn't being sarcastic or anything but eh :p

  16. :D

    Got my Weed Star Carbon Filter in the mail today along with a 14mm Weed Star bowl ($3 in GC shop, figured I could use a backup). Tested out the carbon filter today and it worked incredibly well. After 6 or 7 hits (across 2 bowls) the water was still crystal clear, and there was only a tiny bit of ash in it. Usually by that point the water would have LOTS of ash and be a yellowish/brownish color. The female section of the carbon filter didn't have a trace of resin on it - pretty impressive.

    I'm about to head to work, might post more/elaborate if its slow. Also I plan on doing a picture comparison showing 3-4 bowls WITH the carbon filter, and 3-4 bowls without the carbon filter. I'll just take a pic during/after each bowl and then we can compare them and see :). It should be pretty cool.

    Anyways, that's it for now guys. Take it easy :smoke:!

    I'll post about the W* crown bowl later...long story short it's a piece of shit lol
  17. Bump for those considering purchasing this!

    Trying to get some sort of review of the carbon filter up, just been super busy. I'll post it soon!!
  18. I'm sold. Dude that is an amazing piece, the pictures on GC do not do this justice from the pictures you've posted. I wanted one really bad but now I have to add this to my collection.
  19. I might have to look into getting this now, great review. Need a new piece for about that price and I've gotta say what you get for the money is pretty impressive; even if it is W*.

    Would +rep... need to spread the love.

  20. Glad this thread helped! It's the whole reason I made it in the first place - wanted to let my fellow blades know how awesome this piece was, especially for the price.

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