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[Full Review] Weed Star Double Bubbler 2.0 (Lots of HQ Pics, HD Vids, etc.!!)

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by spikeystud88, May 14, 2010.

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    Lol it's all good, she's my GF and she did originally have the idea to take it off in RL lol.

    Couldn't agree more man, it's worth every penny!

    So my GF and I were able to get all the Weed Star logos off of this thing with no problem. Simple Green = a stoner's best friend. Not only does it clean this shit outta stuff, but it can remove labels too lol! Soaked the downstem for about 36hrs, label wiped right off. Soaked bowl for about 12 hrs, label wiped right off. Soaked bub for about 24hrs, half of label wiped off. Soaked for another 12 and the entire label came off. Check below for a vid without the looks so sick now! So gorgeous when fully milked :D!

    Anyways, here are a few vids I recently took...

    Hitting my vape (arizer extreme q) through the bub:

    [ame=]YouTube - Hitting Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer through my Weed Star Double Bubbler 2.0[/ame]

    Close-ups of the label-less bub:

    [ame=""]YouTube- Label-less Weed Star Double Bubbler 2.0[/ame]

    For some reason last video of me taking a hit didn't work :(. I'll get another one soon!
  2. Simple Green can't remove properly attached labels... just poorly baked ones. No surprise to me that Weedstar's labels aren't baked properly. Turned out in your favor luckily since you actually wanted them off... but that's a sign of poor craftsmanship.
  3. Another cool upgrade spikey, as usual :hello:
    Lookin' clean without label right :cool:

  4. What's the point really :confused: There's discussion all over the board about weedstar's quality, can't we let a happy blade enjoyin' his glass.

  5. Haha glad you liked it! And exactly man, it does look legit now.

    Lol that's just how he is man, dont worry about it. I waked and baked with the bub and I'm feeling great right now.

    People can bash W* all they want - I spent $80 and got an awesome piece that will definitely last me a long time. It looks nice, hits great, and functions as good as it possibly can...what more could I ask for, especially for $80?

    I'd rather drop $80 on a W* piece and have $200 left over to spend on accessories/more bud/shit like that. I'm still a beginner smoker, so why would I buy high-end right now? Odd are I'll either break it or not fully appreciate it, so no point in pumping my money into that.

    Anyways, everyone have an awesome day :bongin:

    Edit: Tried to rep you plankton but gotta spread the love first...I'll getcha
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    I thought the point was obvious. Simple Green shouldn't remove labels. The OP said it did. Just trying to clear up for him why Simple Green did in fact remove his label.

    Most people don't want their labels removed and seeing a post like his might convince them they shouldn't use Simple Green. They should.... it's awesome and cheap.

    Understand my point now?

    Edit: Besides... there is no talk anywhere else on the forums that I've seen about W* applying cheap labels. It wasn't a problem I was aware of until this thread. This is new information.

  7. I misunderstood your point, thanks for the clarification :wave:

  8. Ah gotcha. Well I've also heard from other people here that SG took off their RooR/Illadelphia/Toro label, but idk what the circumstances were or anything.

    Basically if you don't want your label to come off don't let it soak/touch SG. But since the label is on the outside of the tube this shouldn't be a problem, bc you fill the tube up with SG.

    With downstems/slides you gotta be more careful. SG does an absolutely amazing job at cleaning my slides. My LW DD slide is usually pretty hard to clean, but if I soak it in SG for about 5hrs it will be crystal clear with only a tiny bit of resin in the middle of the disk (part is impossible to cget clean). It really does give it that 'brand new' look that iso + salt just doesn't do.
  9. I certainly haven't heard or seen that anywhere. I've soaked 3 Toros in SG and 4 ROORs... as well as 4 ROOR accessories. The whole tubes... laid down sideways in a plastic container fully submerged. My ROOR diffy has been cleaned in SG upwards of 100 times. No label fade let alone removal.

    I have seen a ROOR with a poor bake job on the label though. Pieces would chip away but it won't come all the way off. The dude was offered a replacement... because that's an indication of sloppy work.

    Seriously... if SG is removing your label, your label is faulty.
  10. Oh, well I apologize then. I figured it was a he and was some random dude who might have talked to you about the idea and was demanding acknowledgment from the other posters. But I definitely agree with the idea of taking the logo off. Someone should tell Ziggy to stop putting such huge/ridiculous labels on his glass. Weedstar is kind of a stupid name and they're a company that doesn't really have the reputation that makes you want to flaunt their title. "ROOR" is one thing, but "WEEDSTAR" is kinda gay looking, if you ask me.

  11. Yeah, definitely looks much better without the logo. Logo is 100% off now, not sure if it was in the other pics. I'll try to get more pics/vids soon!
  12. lol at faulty labels.
  13. I wonder if its worth waiting for the double bubbler to come into stock or just settle with the fat joe bong for 55. I'm just looking for something cheap and efficient atm. Anyone have any suggestions?

  14. Wait, I did and i'm glad I did. My WS dub-bub got here yesterday.
  15. That is so cool looking!

  16. Dub Bub 2.0 FTW man, worth every penny!

    Thanks bro!
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    a little video :)
    [ame=""]YouTube- Bubbler Montage dahighguy, spikeystud88, peacelove+420[/ame]
  18. ^Wow, GF surprises me with a straight up badass montage of tokes...nice :)!
  19. sweet thanks guys :D just need the god damn thing to come in stock so I can order it! haha

  20. Trust me, it's completely worth it man!

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