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[Full Review] Weed Star Double Bubbler 2.0 (Lots of HQ Pics, HD Vids, etc.!!)

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by spikeystud88, May 14, 2010.

  1. nice pickup man, looks like a solid piece

    happy tokin!
  2. Werd homie, glad you got yours, makes me fucking EXCITED about mine in the mail :)

    Looking forward to the milk, I'll have some up tomorow for my new Everest (finallly broke my dry spell, sitting on an oz of mids and I'm john-fucking-madden high right now)

    EDIT: If I could rep you again I would, someone rep this man for me!
  3. fyi...your well as mine, doesn't actually help them out. only ppl with light green bars have rep that means anything, still nice to see rep from us lowreppers, but it doesnt' actually help.
  4. awsome. im getting the slim-jim 2.0 by weedstar but im getting a double bubbler pre-cooler. and to the guy wit the beads. would you recomend i should use beads. cuz its ganna be 3 chambers all together
  5. Well shit, rain on my parade why don't you.
  6. Bro Im So Happy For You But Im So Pissed AT GC As They Still Have Not Shipped My Order And I Ordered 04/27/2010

    Nice Piece :smoking:
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    Get excited man, this thing is going to blow your socks off :eek:! And it's all good about the rep :D!

    True, but it's still nice to see that ppl appreciate it whether their rep counts or not :). Either way it still shows up and stuff, just doesn't give me any's just rep anyways!

    Bro, I really wish you had yours right now too :(. When I first got mine, on of the first things I thought about was how much it sucks that you dont have yours yet. I hope it all gets worked out and yours comes soon man, you will absolutely love it.

    Also, last night my GF and I got wayyyy too backed to upload the pics/vids we took....which is a good thing, because it means the bub works pretty well lol :D. Anyways, right now I'm uploading 30 pics to imageshack and will post back once their down uploading.

    I'll also be posting some vids from last night too, so stay tuned!
  8. Damn bro I can hardly wait lol!!
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    Pics as promised!

    View of the entire package: screens (8 total), downstem, bubbler, bowl

    Close-up of the bottom of the showerhead. This thing is literally flawless, amazing for the price:

    Side view of showerhead:

    Weed Star bowl (top view):

    Weed Star bowl (side view):

    Pic showing how long downstem actually is:

    Close-up of the Weed Star logo on the downstem (kinda shitty looking, with it was red and went DOWN the stem like the normal logo):

    Broken downstem that I'm using as a bushing adapter (THANKS TO GUITARDEDHERO FROM THESE FORUMS FOR GIVING IT TO ME :) ):

    Bushing adapter and 14mm Luke Wilson disc diffused slide (works amazingly well with the bub):

    View from the bottom of the first chamber looking up:

    Badass side view of bub:

    View of bub from behind:

    Side view of bub/logo #1:

    Side view of bub/logo #2:

    Side view of bub (mouthpiece side):

    Side view of bub with loaded bowl:

    Another back view of bub:

    Loaded bowl ready to go:

    Another loaded bowl ready to go:

    Front view #1 of bub with loaded bowl (using WS bowl this time):

    Front view #2 of bub with loaded bowl (using WS bowl this time):

    Front view #3 of bub with loaded bowl (using WS bowl this time):

    Crisp shot of me on the bean bag holding the bub:

    Yummy n0ms:

    Some black light pics

    Lovesac black light art (crappy 'S' thing kids did in middle school lol):

    Lovesac black light art (badass alien my GF drew, notice his joint :D):

    Lovesac black light art (bunch of random stuff, I thought it looked cool):

    And finally, some MILK!

    Me milking it up:

    GF milking it up #1:

    GF milking it up #2:

    All right, there are all the pics. Working on the vids now, should have those up before too long. Hope you guys enjoy!

    Oh yeah, it looks like there's a lot of water in the first chamber, but that's because I noticed it diffused better if it had a little more water than it needed. With the water barely above the showerhead the bubbles didn't stack much, but when I added an inch of water above it they stacked like crazy. Wait until you see the vids, you'll understand :)!
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    [ame=""]YouTube- Weed Star Double Bubbler 2.0[/ame]
    720p version available on youtube by clicking the video - anyone know how I can embed the HD version here?

    [ame=""]YouTube- Weed Star Double Bubbler 2.0 STACKAGE![/ame]
    Quick vid showing the dub bub 2.0 stacking some bubbles - it's pretty impressive
    (be sure to watch HD version on youtube!)

    [ame=""]YouTube- Hitting the Weed Star Double Bubbler 2.0[/ame]
    Me hitting the dub bub 2.0 (be sure to watch in HD on youtube!)
    [P.S. - sorry about the angle, not sure why youtube is making the vid look all weird :( ]

    [ame=""]YouTube- Hitting the Weed Star Double Bubbler 2.0[/ame]
    Me hitting dub bub 2.0 again - didn't rotate it because the other one got messed up, so just turn your head :D
    (be sure to watch HD version on youtube!)

    Accidentally deleted vid of my GF hitting the bub :(. But dont worry, I'll get another video later today when we start round 2 :)!

    Until then, you guys take it easy...and happy toking :smoking:!

    Any name suggestions for her? Only thing I've thought of is 'dubs' or something like that. Open to any ideas :)!​
  11. Amazing review and definitely worth the money for sure!! Yeah, your water level is just fine, I always have it at least an inch over my showerhead. Peace homey.

  12. Thanks bro, glad you liked it! And ty for the water info :D.

    Adding 1st sesh smoke report to first post now...
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    been lurking on these threads for a long ass time.
    Looks pretty damn badass if ya ask me!

    ps. I would kill myself if I worked in that office!
  14. HEY! I didn't know you stole my flipvideo to bring to work, I was going to make cool edited videos lol :(. But I will admit yours are pretty awesome too <3

  15. Haha thanks bro! And lol @ office. It's actually not bad because we get so few calls each day. For example, I've been here for 5 hours today and have only had 3 calls. I spend most my time either studying, playing Counter Strike, or posting here on GC.

    Speaking of Counter Strike, check out this loltastic spray I just saw in game:


    I sekretly took it last night...muahaha :). But we can make more pr0 flip vids later!
  16. I am seething with envy right now man. Great pics and video.

    Thanks for watching family guy in the background that gave me a good laugh also lol.
  17. Complete thread as usual :) Your delivering time and time again !
    +rep worthy review !
  18. Pretty solid review, that's a solid deal for $80. I paid $70 for my (locally blown) bubbler and it only has a diffused downstem, doesn't get as much milk as that one.

  19. Thanks bro! Glad to see you guys are enjoying it. And lol @ family guy.

    Thanks dude, glad I can deliver for you guys :smoking:!

    Nice man, you got any pics of that in action?

    Also, sesh'ing right now and getting more pics/vids for ya'll. Will post it all here in a little bit...

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