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[Full Review] Weed Star Double Bubbler 2.0 (Lots of HQ Pics, HD Vids, etc.!!)

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by spikeystud88, May 14, 2010.

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    All right boys and girls, my Weed Star Dub Bub 2.0 finally arrived today! Let's get all the boring stuff out of the way first:


    Ordered From: GC Shop

    Price Paid: $80 shipped (using 12.5% GC discount)

    Ordered: 4/29/2010 (used cheaper shipping)

    Arrived: 5/14/2010

    What came in the box: Double Bubbler, 18mm bowl, extra screens (nice bonus because the bowl hole is huge, but I had read that elsewhere - I plan to use my own DD LW bowl)

    First of all, Weed Star does a great job at packing things so that they wont break. There was unlimited bubble wrap, and everything was tightly packed in so that it wouldn't move. Great job guys :hello:.

    Second, this thing is a BEAST! I have heard people say that the original W* Dub Bub didn't feel like 5mm, but this one is definitely 5mm thick. It's nice and heavy, and feels perfect in the hand. It's really easy to grip, and the weight feels great. It's really hard to describe, you just gotta feel it :D. The exact weight is 539 grams, which comes out to about 1.1lbs. Pretty beastly for a medium sized double bubbler!

    Now I know this is a tease, but this is the only pic I have of it right now:


    Pics just dont do her justice, she's beautiful!

    If you have any questions and/or want close-up pics of a certain part let me know and when I'm taking pics tomorrow I'll be sure and get it!

    Smoke Report: Lemme just start by saying this thing hits like a dream. Compared to my 12" bong, the hits are smoother and wayyy easier on the throat. It's really easy to take huge rips because of how well the showerhead/dual chambers do at diffusing. There's very little drag (especially for a showerhead piece). One of the things I love is how easy it is to clear. For some reason my 12" bong is really tough to clear, but this thing clears without much effort. On a scale of 1-10 I would give this a 7/10 in terms of smoke quality (and for being an $80 piece a 7/10 is pretty damn good)!

    Design/Function: Not only is this thing sexy, but it's functional. Everything fits together nicely, my slides dont get stuck (huge problem on my 12" bong), and it does all of this while looking good :D! My GF and I have been debating whether or not we should take the Weed Star label off, because honestly this think would look fucking awesome if it were just crystal clear. But back on track, this piece functions very nicely. The bowl is a good lighting distance away from your face/nose/hair, and it's easily visible so you can see what you're lighting. One semi-annoying thing is filling the chambers with water. The main chamber is pretty easy to fill, but the 2nd chamber is a bit tougher (mainly because of how little water it needs - I found myself overfilling it multiple times). But the annoying part is if you get too much in the 2nd chamber it's nearly impossible to get it out without accidentally transferring water from the 1st to the 2nd chamber. This is really nit picky of me though, and for me this doesn't take away from the overall value at all.

    Overall Rating (out of 10): 8.5/10 - for the price, this piece really cant be beat. Especially when you look at what all you get - 5mm thick glass, a sick removable showerhead downstem, 2 chambers to diffuse, etc. etc. I really doubt you could get something similar to this for $80 anywhere. It feels great in your hand, and it's perfect for kicking back and relaxing in a chair or on the couch. On top of all of this, it hits like a champ. By the time the smoke reaches your lungs it's cool and feels good - no doubt due to the showerhead's amazing diffusion. I would 100% recommend this piece to anyone who wants a great, functional bubbler, for under $100. This piece has been in and out of stock in the GC shop for a few weeks, and now I really understand why: because it's fucking awesome!

    Update #1: Click here to go directly to the FIRST set of pics

    Update #2: Click here to go directly to the FIRST set of vids

    Update #2: Click here to go directly to the SECOND set of pics/vids

    Update #4: Click here to go directly to the THIRD set of pics

    If you found this useful feel free to +rep me :)

    Special thanks to the Ziggi Jackson, the Weed Star crew, and the GC shop - without all of ya'll I wouldn't be enjoying this amazing piece right now!
  2. looks great. nice pickup.
  3. Hell yeah homey, I'm glad you finally got it!! It looks great and I can't wait to see the rest of the review, peace.

  4. Thanks bro!

    Thanks man, you know how tough this waiting game has been lol :D. But yeah, I think I'm more excited about the rest of the review than ya'll...idk why lol.

    But like I said, huge mega pic update tomorrow morning (before noon CST for sure). And I promise, you wont be disappointed :)!
  5. Niccee. Milk! milk! milk!

  6. Seriously herb420;...learn to READ.:devious:

    Looks pretty good for WS, only thing I'm gonna say for now is that it looks like the downstem could be about another half inch or so longer i dunno looks a tad bit short...just to add a bit more volume.
  7. yeah thats what i thought too.
  8. i followed the other thread, and have been waiting for you to get it to post your review. Im trying to decide if i should save money and go W* or shell out ~3x as much for a syn bubbler.
    cant wait to see what you think about it.
  9. Chill. I'm jay kaying.
  10. Go to etsy and find Soulshine Family Glass. For under twice the price you can get some real high end glass. You don't necessarily need to shell out for a Syn.
  11. You totally should put some diffuser beads/marbles in that second chamber.
    [ame=]YouTube - Stemless glass on glass bong with diffuser beads[/ame]
  12. well i would use the smaller ball ones if your gonna use diffuser beads
  13. Yeah, that was just an example. It would cut back on the splashing.
  14. i think that would be pretty awesome but it does bother me that the showerhead isnt as long as it should be.
  15. Yeah that bothers me when down-stems aren't long enough.
  16. That looks like a great bubbler.

    I can totally picture myself chilling in a bean bag chair/ on a couch and ripping that.

    Its looks just right for holding with one hand.


    edit. (haha well i gotta spread some more rep around first, ill get back to ya)
  17. nice dude i as well followed the last one. cant wait to hear! but i will quadruple(?) what others said. wish down tube was longer
  18. you obviously didnt read the first post.
  19. The downstem may not be as long as it could be but it is still more then long enough to work fine, Its really a non issue. Plus since its a bit shorter it will be easier to use with other glass tubes, a lot of the time removable Bubbler stems are too long to use in most bongs.

    Nice pick up man, i look forward to the full review and the milk vids!

  20. Dude, this exactly why I got this piece. My GF and I recently got a fucking GIANT lovesac beanbag (here's the thread about it if you're interested). Anyways, I wanted something I could just chill out on the bean bag and hold in one hand and easily smoke with. We have a 12" bong, but it's kinda a hassle to hit while relaxing because you cant really lean back and hit it and stuff.

    Great minds think alike :D!

    Thanks bro. And I agree about the downstem. It could be longer, but I'm sure there's a reason it's short (maybe not, I'm just optimistic lol).

    ALSO, big update - you guys will be getting those pics/vids sooner than expected :). My GF and I are gonna break this bitch in TONIGHT once she gets off work. Before that I'll take a bunch of pics, and then while we're hitting it/getting milks I'll be editing the first post and adding the pics. And then once we're up flying with the stars I'll get the videos up.

    So earlier I said the bub was at my GF's house, but turns out I left it in my car lol (in the bubble wrap and in the box, dont worry :D). Anyways, once I got home I just HAD to test out the diffusion. Put water in both chambers and pulled...WOW. You guys are gonna be blown away with how this thing stacks bubbles. Even without a slide it was stacking bubbles up 5-6"! I will definitely get some dry vids too so that you guys can see this. Cant fucking WAIT to hit it later!

    Pics will probably start going up in about an hour and a half.

    It's gonna be one hell of a night guys, so pull up a chair!

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