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  1. Ive thought about this for a long ass time, and after looking at this guy "Mister Postmans" bud, i think i will start growing. I know it probably took him a very long time before he got to where he is today but i want to try and grow like him sometime soon. So now i ask you, how much time does it take to grow, from start to finish? (start being hooking up all the lights and planting and finish being trimming and harvesting)
    And how much does it cost to grow? At first i know it probably wont cost that much, but after awhile dont you have to buy special pots and lights for really dank bud?

    Also, i know this probably sounds really nooby, but how much bud does one plant actually yeild?
  2. well the answer to all of your questions is "it depends". Youre first grow will probably take you about 12 weeks depending on how you decide to grow your plants and how many mistakes you make your first time(i made tons, you will too lol). Youre cost again will depend on how you decide to do it. I recommend just getting the pro shit. buy an hid, get a solid vent fan, get it all and heres why. It only gets more complicated as you add better nutes, more powerful lights, etc. Eventually youre going to want it all anyways so figure it out from the start and youll save time and money later. be realistic... once youve got your own grow how many strains are you gonna want? how much are you gonna smoke? be honest and get the equipment for that so that after you figure out what youre doing youll be ready to go with a full crop. until you decide where youre growing though and how youre gonna do it its hard to estimate but anywhere from probably $75 to thousands. yield you can assume youll get atleast 1oz per plant if you grow them full size and allow them to finish. even with huge mistakes thats easily possible. id be more than happy to help you out with specifics but youll need more a real plan before thats possible.
  3. for a fair small growth like 500 bucks
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    In the end it will cost more than you expected... but thats not a bad thing... MJ might not be addictive but growing it is.... In the end it's all worth it as smoking your own is such a rewarding high... good luck and have a good grow :D

    Start to finish, from seed, your looking at about 3.5 to 4 months to harvest... and another month minimum for dry and cure....
  5. would you rather the money be in your dealers pocket?
  6. not trying to hi-jack your thread or anything but what do you guys think a set up like a bubble bucket will cost? Also how do you guys feel about the led ufo? cause i found two on craigslist, one 80w and a 90w?
  7. I'm about $1,200 in so far, 2 months (week into flower).

    I got a 4x4x6.5" tent for 99 shipped
    600w digital switchable ballast + glassed air cooled reflector + high output MH and HPS bulb for 308 shipped
    hanna 3-in-1 meter 135 shipped

    then you got nutes, buckets/pots, fans, extension cords, power strip, ect.ect.ect.

    Its an investment, but pays off after just 1 harvest usually...
  8. ^^^That's a fact^^^...................whatever you get for equipment to start with......after one or two grows you will be upgrading. Guaranteed.....but it's a good thing.....as you grow and harvest subsequent crops, your knowledge base expands, and you can't help yourself....the 400w light doesn't cut it anymore, or the 2'x4'x7' closet becomes too small and you empty out your guest room and load it up with a couple of 1000 watter's.

    The best advice I can give is research, research and research before you jump in....there is everything you need to learn published right in these forums. Good luck!
  9. depends on how fast u work, but @ least 10wks, & it can cost between 100$ to thousands of $. 1 plant can yield between a few oz, to a lb. all depends on setup, etc
  10. that silly weed special on cnbc puts it @ $400/lb to produce under the most efficient of setups.

    i've got small flowering & veg closets. each closet cost less than $100 to set up (cfls) - but i did need to splurge on an a/c. that kinda sucked. i'm not that long into it yet but through cloning & keeping a good turnover i expect about 1-2 oz every month - more as i upgrade &/or get better. nutes are pricey but good nutes make all the difference - esp. under cfls.
  11. 30 for cabinet
    70 easy on bulbs, CFL 2x105W, 6x14w
    15 fixtures
    15 ferts
    5 timer
    30 fans, in-take, out-take and area fans
    0 wiring, ele-tape
    10 reflective
    15 soil, perlite, etc.

    this is a small rough estimate, which you can add more for better ferts, better soil, better lights, better/bigger cabinet, better timer, etc., etc.....

    i know i am missing a few things, this is my first grow, working on the third week of flowering

    best of luck, dont have to kill a grand on lights and shit, what is your grow area like? mine is a small cabinet in my bedroom, wife let me move it from the closet to a cabinet (had a heat issue in closet, but more room)......
  12. do you know the site you got the tent from by chance?
  13. I got it on Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebay.
  14. lol ok thanks buddy
  15. I have to throw in my two cents, well, more than two cents. You can't expect to have great grows without great equipment. Yeah, it sucks on the setup, but it will pay for itself over time. And nothing blows worse than trying to grow and failing at it - again and again.

    I had to learn my lesson the hard way. If I could go back and do it again, I would have spent more in the beginning, because it seems like I ended up spending just as much on replacing all of the crap I bought to save money.

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    Tent (good one) : $250
    Blowers (Vortex) : $350
    Ducting (insulated): $120
    600watt light/refl: : $300
    Hortilux Bulb: : $80
    Fans : $50
    Soil+Nutrients: : $130
    Soil grow pots: : $70 (diff sizes X 10)
    Hydrometer(s) : $30
    Power cable misc : $50 (high quality surge protectors etc...)
    Aluminum tape : $10
    RO System : $150
    Fan controls : $60
    Misc crap you forget about : $100

    edit: Haven't added on carbon scrubber, haven't got one yet but assume around $150.

    Total: $1750 and I know I am missing items, and this is a small personal med grow. It adds up real quick when you try to do it 'right' or you can keep spending $200+ per month on decent chronic.

    Obviously one could do this a lot cheaper but you have to factor hassle into the equation. Building a tent is a pita but will probably cost you about $60 in materials from home depot. You can buy cheaper blowers. You can buy cheaper lighting and reflector, get away without fan controls, you will still be in the $1k range if you do it 'right'.

    Most people will attest to the fact that after your first grow you WILL make changes. Usually more/bigger lights, venting bla bla bla. Whatever you think right now will be completely different once you harvest your first plants :) then the addiction really kicks in.
  17. I find it best for new growers to start slow and build on thier set up as they get more grows under thier belt(why go spend a ton of cash, only to get disappointed or discouraged by the results or problems that may arise).

    I mean I could give you a run down on what I have in my rooms, but I think alot of new growers get hung up on what the "Other guy" is harvesting and forget that he/she prob has several grows under thier respected belts. Dont try and compete with the old timers as we dont have many of the new grower challenges to deal with...Read and plan you space out, it will help you out greatly in your grows.

    Bottom line is to succeed in growing you need PATIENCE.

    Good luck,
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    Hey Numb, I agree mostly. Wouldn't you also agree that within a few weeks of your first grow you had already started to make changes or at a minimum have mental changes that you were going to do once you had some $?

    This is the real edit: What I did by posting a half reasonable setup was that to show that once you have an understanding of what is required you don't fuck around anymore. You could cut my costs in half by adding in more hassle but the bottom line is you will still have a very similar setup that is not 'noob' (don't like that word). I am NOT an expert but have had great results by maintaining good light, decent ventilation and trying to stick to a reasonable nute regime.

    +rep for the PATIENCE, yes it's a requirement :) and also why most people expand out quickly. there is no tinkering to do with a 1 plant setup, just waiting and that's just no fun now is it!
  19. Ok, so on average its gonna cost around 1k to 2k...and is this just for one plant that could yield 1 oz to 1 pound?

  20. You're wasting quite a bit of money there...

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