Full Price at headshops?

Discussion in 'General' started by stew12, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. After lurking in new piece threads, forever. I've noticed most people pay the price tag price. Every headshop I've ever been to will bargain, and everyone here seems to be paying full price.

    I bought a spoon, and bargained the guy to 1/2 price! From 45 to 20

    Am i a ratty buyer or does everyone bargain headshop clerks?
  2. I bargain, but most of the headshops around here give deals anyways. Like one is anything above $20 is 20% off, and that's like the whole store so yea...

    Another is buy one get one half off.
  3. Never bothered... The head shops I go to usually have really good deals. Besides, at least at a head shop, I know the little extra money I'm spending is going to a good cause, and good people.
  4. I know what youre talking about junkie days, lol, portland hast he best headshops ever. And stew, i got a $250 marked GonG bargained down to 125. Its legit. Most head shops around here wont bargain (except that guy, but he will let you bargain anything in the store and talk about weed openly, hes crazy cool)

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