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Full O of Beaster Pick-Up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by iDenko, May 14, 2010.

  1. got a full zip of this beasters for 200$

  2. Looks dank man, enoy it. $200 for an ounce of that sounds spectacular!
  3. Lets see the quantity man!
  4. pretty dank. 200 is a real good price
  5. looks better than beasters but i guess you never know until you smoke it
  6. ill post a pic with the full O later but the nuggets are SUPER dense, rock hard
  7. yeah, I've usually heard that term used in reference to some generic grown stuff of indeterminate genetics and relatively mediocre quality, that dealers try to pass off, generically, as "dank..." quite common in areas in the midwest or eastern United States amongst informal communities of inexperienced users.
    Now, as far as I can see there, what you have is some top-quality bud, sir! it looks quite well grown, dense, budsy, overrun with hairs and delicious. I would celebrate if I were you, to have access to top quality, and right you were in procuring an ounce... to boot, at $200! WOW! that's, what, $25 an eighth? goodness :smoking::wave::D
  8. Nice trim. Looks tasty
  9. Man I wish I lived where you do to be able to get good shit like that for $200. I'd probably have to pay close to, if not over, $300 an oz for that.
  10. you sir, seem to have some high quality bud there :hello: and $200 for a Oz? thats cheap. I can get an Oz for $160 but im not sure if its as good as that right there :)
  11. Very sick of m-39, but enjoy!
    not bad for $200.
  12. I'd pay 200 anyday bro. Good deal!

  13. haha dank? looks like some decent beasters, definitely not dank though
  14. looks good for the price.
  15. debbie downer id smoke that shit all day long for 200 an o

  16. my bad for coming across that way, I just thought I'd make the distinction. Yes 200 a zip is a great price for that bud
  17. 1 bowl about .3 out of my bong and im BLAZED :smoking:
  18. OP
    That's a damn good price on that O
  19. Beasters?? most definitely not.

    If I could get ounces dank like that for $200, i'd be smokin' myself to the fuckin' poorhouse.:wave:

    great, great pickup, sir:smoking:
  20. Dude in the midwest thats dank. Nice buds.

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