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Full Moon Thoughts

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Apr 26, 2002.

  1. As you who know me, the full moon does strange things to me. last night was a great full moon to get stoned to and some strange thoughts came in to my head about numbers, specifically exponential growth of numbers versus linear growth of numbers.

    WTF are you talking about numbers BPP!?!

    OK keep up. In linear growth numbers move from one generation to the next in a straight line. As in My great grandfather was named James, my grandfather was named James, my father was named James, I'm named James, my son is named James, and so on down the line. James is just an example here.

    But in exponential growth, i have 2 parents and they have 2 parents each, and they each had 2 parents. So 1 becomes 2 which becomes 4, which becomes 8 which becomes 16...... So if you trace everyone back in their family roots, at one point within the last 4,000 years every human alive today would share a common ancestor. What this means is that everyone alive today can claim they are descended from..... Alexander the Great, ...... And if you subdivided by races you can see that everyone from an Asian descent can trace an ancestoral link to Confucious....

    But lets look at the other way, in 4 to 5000 years in the future, you can say that every human being alive can be traced back to you. But what about war death disease infertility. Ahhhh, the chaos theory. Ok so factor in those mean things and that leaves us with this... In a few thousand years into the future, after mankind has reproduced multiple genrations,everyone alive can either trace their roots back to you OR there will be no one alive that can be traced to you.

    Spooky weird thoughts, I know, but its the full moon and the bucket babies..............
  2. Hence the spread of congenital diseases and such. Eventually a "healthly" human being will be hard to find in theory.
  3. Cause if ya get covered with fur, that could be worse than a tragic shirt fire!!!

    p.s. Does that mean all the Blades are related?? :smoking:

  4. Yeah sooner or later everyone will have some kind of disease or problem thats gonna suck
  5. so that means technically we're all brothers, sisters, cousins (distant or not)???
    no wonder i love ya'all so dear to my heart! :D
  6. You know what trips me out? eyesight. When we look at stuff we could be seeing something totally different. When I look at blue, I could be seing the same color you see when you look at red, but we couldn't tell because we both learned it as blue, you know?
  7. The possabilities are endless BPP. We are related as brothers and sisters in the world we live in ( or should be).

    A question i would like to ask? If your daddy and my daddy are both daddy's are we related in the term of us both being males. If we are related in that term, did you screw my sister?

    Now from another stand point (hypotheticaly speaking) If it is true that we all come from Adam and Eve, Does that make me and critter brothers from past to present? If so why do we look differently? Or do we?

    Now one more thing. If life started with only two people, one woman and one man. Does that mean i'm screwing my sister?

    Which came first man or woman?

    As for the numbers. Infinity has no numbers. only directions to go.
  8. Adam was created first.
  9. I have alot of irish in my veins critter. I guess that is why we love the port and pot. I have gone back a hundred years and found that the irish blood has thined a bit but still boiling.
  10. OH MY GOD 420GIRLIE!!! thats crazy ive been thinkin about that for a while and wow its crazy......
  11. I know it trips me out every time I think about it ;)

  12. I told you.... The Man on the Moon tells me these things once every 28 days.

    If you can look back far enough, we all come from the same couple, either humans or monkeys, but I don't know if Adam and Eve were their names.

    There are no such things as numbers, only mankinds attempt to define the world around him and quantify what he sees.

    Damn this new bb is some potent Buddha Weed. Makes you think your IQ has gone up 40 points. key word on "makes you think your IQ has gone up" not "makes your IQ go up"

  13. LOL..sounds like this WW........whew


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