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Full Melt's QWISO, BHO and other hash (46.2g)

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by full melt, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. #1 full melt, Oct 28, 2009
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    After this years harvest I came out with about 3 pounds of fresh White Skunk trim and decided I would make some ISO using AugustWest's QWISO guide. Only thing I did different was use a 99% ISO instead of 91%. Also, I scrape and adjust the hash while there is still a small amount of alcohol in the container then allow it to completely evaporate so it will have a grainy texture rather than being really sticky, as you will see in my pics.

    So here some pictures of a small batch that as of yesterday weighed 4.6 grams...

    As of yet this is all that has evaporated. I have another MUCH LARGER batch that should be ready by Friday and after that I have at least 2 pounds of trim to wash. I am also doing a second wash for kicks so I will be updating this thread regularly.

    P.S. I apologize for my sub-par pictures, I am no photographer :p:D
  2. They moved the tutorial to premium only, can you make a resume of your process?
  3. So that is where it went. I was just looking for that guide today. There is a jar of trim that needs to be washed and now the guide is in the premium section. :\
  4. Well, the largest of my two pyrex dishes finished evaporating today which means I will be means I can start making ISO again. This is the result of 4 runs and about 4.5 ounces of fresh trim. Weighed exactly 14 grams which brings my total to 18.6

    Still have a little over 6 ounces to run plus the second wash...
  5. that is very impressive man.
    It looks amazing, im going to give it shot.
    thanks for sharing it full melt.
    Post more!
  6. Thanks brother :)

    I will indeed post more, I should have some ready by Wednesday.
  7. That looks amazing! Especially since i've been dry for a week : /
  8. Are you going to press the hash?
    it looks super nice.
    how strong is it?!
  9. Thanks, brother! Ain't that a bitch.

    Once it is completely dry I will press most of it because its easier to store and move if need be. Not to mention easier for bottle tokes:D

    But I will keep a little unpressed for sprinkling on the occasional bowl.

    I have yet to try any of it but I will definitely be able to answer that question in the very near future :p It smells like straight skunk though. I left one of the film canisters open over night and when I woke up my room STANK, lol.
  10. nice work man!

    that's a monster yield.. how much material did you run to get that much?

    and where did you find 99%?
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    nice job on the hash. I cant fathom why you would want to do a second run on any trimmings - you already got all the good shit out of it. a second run will give up mainly chlorophyll and sugars. you should run some BHO with a few ounces, and also keif an ounce. then you could combine all three forms of hash and make jelly hash! which is sick.

    what??? it is still stickied in harvesting and processing..

    oh and augustwest, ive found 99% mainly at safeway.
  12. #12 full melt, Nov 4, 2009
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    Thanks brother, I have ran a little less than 7 ounces so far. I'm getting pretty close to my expected return so I'm happy. :)

    I found the 99% at my local farmers co-op. 5 liter jugs for 25.00$. They only had two left and the guy seemed reluctant to give them to me. I asked why and he said "It's harvest time" and smiled. lol... Makes you think...

    Thanks man. Anything I get from a second run wont be for personal use. Since I only get this much trim once a year I like to mess around with it and see what results I can get. If the second wash ends up being more trouble than its worth I may just scrap the whole idea.

    I have been toying with the idea of making whipped BHO lately, I used most of my trim last year on BHO runs but never tried whipping it. What do you guys think?

    I am going to grab a couple cans of calibri tomorrow and do a run or two sometime this week. I will throw up some pictures.

  13. haha! that's great man.. i'll have to search around for some 99% i've been into the keif screening and butter making these last few runs. I haven't done any qwiso in a while.

    thanks for the info man.
  14. Heres some of the result of another 6 ounces of trim I ran. Yeilded 14.6 grams. Only 7 grams are pictured. This is the only stuff I have pressed so far.
  15. once again full melt: really impressive.

    i want some of that:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  16. Awesome. After i've saved up some stems/bud im going to make QWISO.
  17. Thanks again, brother :)

    Do it up man, you wont regret it. It produces some really strong hash :smoke:
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    So I ended up making some BHO yesterday. Could probably stand to purge a little while longer but what the hell... I'm not sure of the weight just yet.

    A fiver of oil made with a lower proof ISO and my stove.
  19. that looks killer man!

    the second pic looks just like this stuff i got in cali called chemdog "super melt" never heard of it before that.. but man it looks just like that pic of yours.

    good shit dude!

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