Full Melt Hash Using Vape?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by RumplySquirrel, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Didn't know whether to put this here or into The Stash Spot.

    Is it possible? I was going to load a small portion of green, a small ball of this bubble hash, and then cover it with some more green. I have a Buddha Vape also.

    Quick, helpful replies will be repped of course!:wave:
  2. i don't see why not as long as the full melt doesn't just trickle off the weed you'll be fine.
  3. I wouldn't ball up the hash, but spready it over the layer of green maybe broken up a bit, last thing you'd want is your screen all goop'd up.

    In the MFLB Ill toss melts/wax on top of a green layer usually works out great.
  4. It won't smoke properly at all.. I wouldn't bother doing it personally.
  5. Why do you say this? I'm curious.

  6. Personally I've smoked a lot of full melt hash, and it's always using a lighter. I don't know you get a feel for how to kind of dab at the full melt with a flame to make it bubble up / melt without lighting on fire. Personally I just don't think a vape would get it to burn properly, if I had to guess I'd imagine it would kind of just "bake" it and not really get it to melt fast enough to provide a thick rip. I'm not sayin it wouldn't get you high I just think you'd be better off smoking it the normal way.

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