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  1. So basically I've been wrapping my brain about purchasing a full grow room kit. It seems like all the companies that arw licensed re-sellers, attract you by discounting top brand name tents or lights, but then jack up the prices of everything else which happens to be crap quality.

    So I'm trying to buy and set up a 5x5 full grow kit. My budget is roughly $2300.. I've decided to go LED and soil. I would like someone to either link a complete, compatible, decent quality grow room kit or make a build yourself.

    I'm just tired of the research and it's been so long since I've been in the game, it's too hard to get a good footing. Figured I'd ask people who have been around the subject long enough where they can easily assess a budget and build a formidable grow room.

    Thank you.
  2. I'd personally steer clear of any kit and simply buy what you need. If you want to go the tent route, just buy a well rated tent (I don't use tents), get a 400 CFM exhaust, an inline carbon scrubber, your lighting. You'll pay much less this way over any kit and will be able to buy better components.

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  3. Even after doing research, I can't figure out what items for what prices and what quality I should go for. I know everything I need but don't know which ones to get.

    I'm already getting frustrated with tent nonsense. Thinking about splitting my office with sheet rock and making a new room..

    I don't have the space. It's either a 5x5 tent or a 5x5 wooden box or a 5x5 cardboard box.. I was just trying to save myself the headache and see if anyone has come across good tent kits..
  4. I personally don't get the whole tent thing but I'm sure I'm in a different circumstance than some and am able to simply use an entire room to flower my plants in and a smaller separate area to veg my plants. If you don't need the tent you could save money right there.

  5. Even if you don't buy one off of amazon, you can still look there and read the reviews. Will help give you a good idea..
  6. I would avoid buying a whole kit. A lot of waste involved in that. THE most important equipment you MUST have to get decent production out of plants in an indoor grow setup is light. Spend your money on lighting. Better lighting means better plants. The tent is just a house and all the other stuff can be gathered cheaper by smart shopping and you get better quality stuff. A kit is just cheapo everything. A good light will cost more than a lot of those tent packages. TWW
  7. I think you'll are right about the tent kits. My wife just said I could convert our Florida room(12x5) into a grow room. If the area is 60 Sq ft, and I want to split it 5x5 for veg, 5x5 for flower and 2x5 for clones, would I be right to assume I'd need TWO 1000 watt duel light units or LED equivalents, and a smaller 250 watt?

    Also a vent system with an inline fan of 700 cfm+, a 10x24 carbon filter at 800 cfm+, atleast 2 or 3 floor fans..

    If anyone has more specific specs for a 12x5 split into 3 parts, please let me know.

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