Full cycle cob led?

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  1. Most likely can you post a link to the light and tell me what size tent you have .
  2. I was thinking of getting 2 of the lights i mentioned and running 12 auto's in an 8x8

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  3. They look like really nice lights .
    Cob = is CHIP ON BOARD Technology .. LED Light emitting Diode .
    As fare as I know ever LED BOARD uses COB technology .
    I also know that the Samsung QB's use half the energy of the Cree/cob Led grow lights
    They also come at about half the price or about 1000.00 $ savings for a 4x8 tent .

    I have made both The Cree / Cob with Makers controller Led's and the Samsung QB's .
    I am running two 4x8 tents and a walk in closet .

    This isn't what you want to hear but The Samsung QB's are twice as efficient .
  4. For about 1450.00 you can make your self a 1240 watt Samsung Grow light .
    You can turn the Samsung down tp 900 watts and the lights will last longer .
    As long as you have a couple feet between the plants and the lights you can turn them up .
  5. I have mine running 240 ac volts to the power supplier or mean well .
  6. Is there a link to a website for the samsungs youre talking about, are they fully built lights or are they needing to be assembled?

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  7. The wattage levels are based upon dimming.
  8. Really making your own lights is the ONLY WAY TO GO …….
    Here is why ……. less money and you wire the power supplier up on the OUTSIDE OF THE TENT .
    Its just that much less heat generated inside the tent .
    Its that much less heat sitting on top of your LED lights ..
    Its pretty easy to assemble your own lights .
    And I will help you if you want ?

    If you power your Power supplier 240 volts you use 1/2 the amps .
    My point is most wall 110/120 circuits are 10 to 15 amps
    Hot water heater 20 amps , dryer is 60 too 100 amps
    electric range 40 amps .

    You really need to prepare a electrical circuit for your tent .
    You need to figure out how many total amps you will be using.

    Easy to rob 5 amps from the electric hot water heater , electric dryer or a electric range .
    Those are all 240 AC volts .
  9. You want the 3000 kelvin QB's for flowering and you might consider T5 veg lights .
  10. And im not electrician by any means i got a guy who will build my lights but idk about preparing a circut thats outta me league

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