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Full 'alerts' history

Discussion in 'Forum Tech Questions, Problems and Troubleshooting' started by VikingToker, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Hey hey,

    I've been busy for a couple of weeks, so rather than responding, I've just been checking my notifications/alerts, and making notes.

    Now that I sat down to reply, I can only see alerts for the last few days - is there a full alert history function that I've simply missed somewhere? It makes it so much easier to re-locate the places where I've been qouted, mentioned, etc.

    Kind rg, VT

  2. When you hover over the alert bell, click on 'Show All'. (Check your PMs.)

    ***Mine do go back only a week, though.
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  3. They do go back a week only, just confirming this to other blades who may be curious.
  4. They do go back a week because keeping older amount of alerts will be too much for the overall database size which will also eventually slow down the alerts system
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  5. Wouldn't that be better if it keeps the history of(for instance) "last 10
    alerts" instead of a certain amount of time? (a week in this case)
  6. Thing is everything you keep in system will eventually slow down the whole database. An active user can receive around 100 Notifications a day and if you multiply that with users and days the notification table can bypass the size of actual content extremely fast. If that happens the queries will have slower respond times which will eventually slow down all website.
  7. So true but that's the case with the current(weekly) limitation I guess and
    not with the "X amount of alerts" to be kept.

    (100 alerts per day x 7 days of week = 700 alerts)

    I'm not sure if the current forum software supports this feature out-of-the box
    but it would be really great if it could somehow keep (at least) the last 10
    alerts, even if (+1)week has passed. (in this case, when it tries to clean-up
    the old alerts, it would delete, let's say, last 690 alerts instead of 700.)

    On the SQL side it would be only one WHERE(perhaps two, since you'd filter out
    only the "unread" alerts) to be added to the query but I have a feeling that the
    vendor must already have a solution for this so you wouldn't need to manually
    change any code/script by yourself.
  8. That is difference on calculating things. Time vs.. amount makes difference on how queries and functions run.
  9. You're talking about adding a condition(or two) to the SQL query or the whole
    idea behind the way of handling the last alerts?
  10. If you look from outside , you are right but the notification system is way more advanced then you think. It allow multiple different type of notifications with different condition types. They even differ within usergroup perspective. Overall this is the best system for big boards.
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  11. But at the end of the day, the "deletion" function(including PHP code and SQL
    query, with or without any stored procedures) is responsible for deleting the
    old records and if it already has a feature to somehow filter-out the messages
    based on amount of time, it can be modified slightly to somehow avoid deleting
    all those messages at once and somehow keeping some of them.

    Performance-wise however, if anyone would dare ask/suggesting me to even think
    about such idea -as the forum owner/admin/mod- I'd not hesitate to shoot him on
    sight and throw him in the vast oceans by an anchor(or two, to be sure) tied to
    his feet. (I feel your pain and don't think about it as a request or something,
    it's just a brainstorming or whatever it's called.)
  12. Trust me i also sometimes understand the desire on such things. As when i take a vacation and get back i can see where the issue is occurring.

    But let me give you another opinion. What will happen if we limit the day and you take a 3 week vacation/break from website. if we limit on specific amount the amount could easily bypass your needs. it is a two sided sword edge thing. This is an investigation - debate that's been occurring for past 15 years :)
  13. What if we can somehow get best of the both worlds?

    Currently, if you don't log in for 8 days, all your alerts will be gone, be it
    1 or 1000 of them. (if they're old enough, let's assume you got 10,000 alerts
    at 0000-00-01 and the script ran on 0000-00-07 and you log in at 0000-00-09.)

    On the other hand, if I've explained my case properly, by doing so and adding
    another "filter" to the deletion "function"(workflow) you'd still have the last
    X alerts whenever you login again.

    How about this?

    "Delete all alerts *ONLY IF* the poor dude had more than 10 alerts so it would
    not waste our storage/database/table and whenever he comes back, he'll see those
    1-2 replies to his posts."

    But wait, that would still waste 10xamount_of_users KB/MB/GB of storage and
    you have to somehow(by blackjack and hookers?) figure out a way to get rid of
    those rotten records.

    okay, got it.

    Sometimes it's great to be an outsider and not the person who's actually doing
    the stuff.
  14. im on my phone and computer at same time. I noticed that on tapatalk the computer isn't updating
  15. I actually tested a similar senario

    Limit the amount of Notifications a user can store

    Which initially increased the size greatly as you highlighted so i improved that a bit further

    Check if a user has been active in X amount of days
    If he is active then keep notification limit if not purge them

    This somehow managed to keep the database size in line however the additional check slowed down the system because with that you'll also query another big table. There are basically 3 problematic tables on the system : Content - User - Notifications. On two you can't do much , on last your best bet is to optimise it greatly.

    As i mentioned it is a bit tricky thing and we've been working on resolving this for past 15 years and what we have today is faster then anything we used in past.
  16. That is unrelated to this , it is a bug we've been working on. I believe will be resolved in 15 days
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  17. whats funny is I just turned off my notifications on my computer. now they are updating lol
  18. Yeah, exactly what I was thinking about right after I posted my reply.

    It's all Trade-offs and one way or another, there will be some storage to be
    wasted, or the performance to be lowered, OR in the worst scenario, both of them
    at the same time. (no matter which path you choose, "short-term" and "long-term"
    are both two sides of a same coin.)

    IMHO it's even beyond the "policy" and philosophy of handling things and when
    it come down to its core, you may face a logical problem as well.

    Reminds me of:

    "No one wins. One side just loses more slowly" -Pryzbylewski

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