Fukcn Robbed

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  1. Hey guys this is my first post and I'm a noob here. Quick backstory, just got out of the military and was tired of all the stupid rules. I smoked a few times before I joined back in 2006. So I have no connections where I'm at and decided to approach randos and see if they could hook me up. Two dudes about 21 yo and said Ya let's go to my dealer now and I drove us. He said he will see if it was cool with his dealer if I could go in and meet him for future purchases and that's the protocol from what I read. Well, I gave this punk $100 and dropped them off at a place with a lot of apartment complexes only to have them not return after an hour. Kid gave me his cell on the way so I felt I could trust him. I called and the # was disconnected. Lesson learned:never give $ till I have the product in hand. Feel free to add comments. Sorry so long
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    Don't think any comments are needed. You learned where you went wrong lol.

    I had some guy try and pull a similar thing for $20 about a year ago. He approached me in the street and asked if i wanted a half g for $10, I said yeah why not and figured i'd have a test smoke and see if he was good for more. I only had a $20 so he said he'd take it and to come up to his place when i'm finished and have a smoke with him - then proceeded to right down a fake address and give me some story about how an angry lady will answer the door and to just tell her sully told you to come and she would let me through to the back. Biggest mistake of my life. Sure enough there was a crazy lady there but she definitely didn't know who Sully was lol. 
  3. Rule #1 when buying shit is NEVER front the money
  4. lol seriously?
    you don't even need to do drugs to figure that out before your first drug deal.
  5. Lol hard way to learn a lesson but I'm sure I'm not the first person
  6. I only went ahead with mine because I knew beforehand that it was a risk and it was only $10 for potentially a good hook-up. If it's a small deal it's not so bad fronting the cash, chance of losing money but a chance of finding some good stuff to smoke XD.

    And you're DEFINITELY not the first person, I'm sure we ALL know at least one certain someone who is the guy that actually runs off with the money so i'm sure it's a common occurrence lol.
  7. When you post about being robbed here in the grow section people think you are talking about having a grow ripped.

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