fuk the Olympics, free Tibet!!!!!!!!!

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  1. just watched this concert.. great flick http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1808741556/info

    10 facts about Tibet

    1. The invasion of Tibet began in 1949. Chinese occupation has resulted in the death of over one million Tibetans, the destruction of over 6,000 monasteries, nunneries and temples, and the imprisonment and torture of thousands of Tibetans.

    2. The Dalai Lama, Tibet's political and spiritual leader, fled Tibet in 1959 to Dharamsala, India, followed by over 100,000 Tibetans and established the Tibetan Government-in Exile. In 1989, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for a steadfast dedication to non-violence.

    3. Tibet, before occupation, was a nation with an established sovereign government, currency, postal system, language, legal system, and culture. Prior to 1950, the Tibetan government also signed treaties with foreign nations. The Chinese government claims that Tibet has always been part of China, yet its invasion of Tibet resembles imperialist aggression that China accuses other powers of exhibiting.

    4. The "Tibetan Autonomous Region" (TAR) is not Tibet, nor is it autonomous. The Chinese government has divided historical Tibet into one region and several prefectures and counties, with the TAR encompassing only the central area and some eastern regions of Tibet.

    5. The basic freedoms of speech, religion, and assembly are strictly limited, and arbitrary arrests continue. There are currently hundreds of political prisoners in Tibet, enduring a commonplace punishment of torture.

    6. The Chinese government increasingly encourages Han Chinese to migrate to Tibet, offering them higher wages and other inducements. This policy is threatening the survival of Tibetan people. Tibetans are becoming a minority in the TAR. Yearly, thousands of Tibetans still flee from Tibet, making the treacherous journey over the Himalayas into a world of exile.

    7. Historical Tibet was a vast country, with an area roughly equal to Western Europe. Tibet is the source of five of Asia's largest rivers, which provide water for two billion people. Tibet's fragile environment is endangered by Chinese strip-mining, nuclear waste dumping, and extensive deforestation.

    8. The Chinese government claims to have “developed” Tibet, with “developments” mainly benefiting the new majority Chinese, not Tibetans. China, neglecting education and healthcare, has spent millions of dollars building infrastructure; many roads, buildings, and power plants directly support heavy militarization, allowing China to maintain Tibet as a police state.

    9. The Chinese government aggressively seeks foreign investment for its “Go West” campaign, with use of these international funds to develop Tibet as a resource extraction colony and consolidate regional control. Foreign investments in Chinese companies legitimise China's colonisation and exploitative projects that harm Tibet.

    10. The United Nations and international community have done very little to address the core issue of China's illegal occupation of Tibet. China represents an enormous market and cheap labour force, and its associated businesses have such a strong lobby that officials are reluctant to take substantive measures. Since western countries adopted policies of so-called “constructive engagement” with China in the 1990s, the human rights situation in Tibet has only deteriorated.
  2. ok why don't you go out there and do something? :devious:
  3. china, i have something you may want, but its gonna cost ya...
  4. idk whats goin on with tibet but whatever
    why just u leave their countries alone and let them deal their problems, i'm soo sick of us, america, always trying jump in, tryin help other countries but we only makin it worst, sure we help but we get more enemies, so

    leave em alone and let us deal OUR PROBLEMS...
  5. typical ignorant american alert ^^.
  6. Why? What has Tibet got to offer me or the rest of the world besides natural resources? I mean it seems better off in the hands of the Chinese as far as the global community is concerned.
  7. i'm not ignorant, i'm just sayin is that its okay to help eachother but america is in deep shit right now, and we need to deal our problems first,
  8. We could at least take a stand. We've boycotted olympics before/

  9. I'm not disagreeing with you man but if we boycotted these Olympics because of Tibet we'd boycott every Olympics
    for the rest of time because there'll always be some violation of somebody's rights happening somewhere in the world
  10. I want some free tibet!

    But for real, they are fucked over in a bad way.

    I personally don't watch the olympics because it's all over-hyped sports that no normal person would watch, had it not been for the olympics.

    BOO World!
  11. Tibet's a pretty big thing though
  12. exactally!!!!!!
  13. I guess I'm too apathetic.
  14. yes.

    that is the point.
  15. Haha oh shit that's good. But no China sucks. Anyone seen the new mobile execution chambers they rolled out a couple years ago? They're like city buses but with gurneys for lethal injection inside instead of seats. Is that not just a little...fuckin nuts?

  16. That's right......all the tea.
  17. Not a hell of a lot, really. Just the systematic destruction of yet another one of the worlds unique cultures.

    Don't be so quick to deny your ignorance.

    And I think your standpoint is good. While we are one world of people, we do all have our own (national, regional, community, family) problems to take care of. Societies and cultures have been conquered and crushed throughout history without much shedding of a global tear and... well, life continues to happen and progress into the future.

    Though, theres nothing wrong with standing up to another people and saying "listen, why don't you back the fuck off and let those Tibetans do as they will" because a little tolerance goes a long way. (world peace you guys! :love:)

    I think you might have missed the entire concept of the Olympics. I agree, they've been hyped through the roof, but the Olympics have been around a lot longer than NBC.

    Do you have anything to offer the rest of the world?
  18. Yeah, I'm a civil servant and tax payer in a G8 nation.
  19. And what's that in comparison to an entire civilization?

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