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Fucked up...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hellgateking77, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. So, a few friends and i were sitting in my buddies garage; smoking. there were like 2 chicks and about 4 guys... there are 2 bowls being passed around as well as a fat joint and a skinny joint... So needless to say, a lot of smoking was happening... this one girl, got a call and stood up cuz she had to leave.. she heads toward the door and FAINTS then SEIZES up.... a few seconds later she stands and goes "I'm fine, I'm fine!!!" then collapses again this time she only fainted... She had eaten that day, had no previous symptoms of any sort like this... and she was well hydrated.... we were all super fucked up though.... any one know what could have possibly happened to her?

    Edit: I mean does anyone maybe have an explanation as to why something like this would happen?
  2. She got lightheaded from standing up too fast and fucking up her center of gravity and her inner ear balance or whatever and she got tunnel vision and crashed son, it happens, if she says shes fine than she probably is
  3. low blood pressure because of a reduced pulse, this makes it harder for your heart to pump blood to your brain when you stand up (its working against gravity you know), and then pass out. She then got up again quickly, and it happened again because she had not yet recovered.

    I have been toking with friends in my dorm, and then we chill on the couch and this one time my buddy got up and just fell the fuck over, hit his head too. But he was alright after like 30sec.

    She should have sat down for a second before trying to get up for the second time.
  4. Dam, that is fucked up. If i was fucked up as much i think you were i would have probably freaked out, jumped up and did the same thing she did.
  5. This was a few hours ago... im like just now coming down... but yeah, she like..................wouldnt take our help (trippy help=not much would have gotten done) like every time she stood up she would faint for a few minutes.... a total of 5 times by the time i was outta there cuz this dumbass noob hit up the popo.....

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