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  1. god damn

    ok so at school i text my friend and say i have 20$ and he gets in trouble cause his phone goes off, so last block of the day i get called down to the office, searched and everything and its just FUCKED up, they search my phone see who i txtd and it was my best friend and now my parents called his and we are both fucked now god damnit man im grounded and shit and my test came out positive so now my parents are pissed and my moms like "pot kills people", and she also said "you see this one cigarette? there is 5 times the amount of tar in pot than there are in this cigarette" and i just laughed but anyways this is bullshit..

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that is possibly the worst rant ever. you sound like a god damn 10 year old girl having a temper tantrum...dont wanna get caught? don't use your phone while your in class...most seniors would know this because their 18 and have matured
  3. your a dick
  4. ok, ummm........huh?:confused:
  5. wait...so all this happened because you sent your friend a text that said "i have 20 dollars" while both of you should have been paying attention in class, and the teacher heard your friends phone and took it and turned it in and the principal saw the message that said you have twenty dollars and then told your parents that you were doing drugs?

    guess thats what happens when you go to school and dont do what youre supposed to
  6. I do not see how you got in trouble for saying you had $20
  7. i know thats the fucked up part
  8. It seems like the majority of the parents I hear about on this forum treat their "adults living at home" like ignorant and naive children.

    Mostly because they are ignorant themselves, but it seems to me that the people being caught aren't mature yet to begin with.
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    There you go. And some advice before the banhammer finds you, don't text people about drug deals...you fucking idiot, fuck! Excuse me, for that last part, things got out of hand....we should be friends :D hahaha

  10. Or atleast be slick about it, and put ur phone on vibrate? But drug deals at school arent a good idea any ways.
  11. I still don't get how they knew it was a drug deal when you only said "I have $20".
    Also if the kid was smart he wouldn't have his phone on during class.
  12. I was thinking you were underaged the second i saw your username
    all these 12 year old little skaters running around thinking theyre all rebelious and badass

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