fucked up

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by iziris, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. Well, last night was sure an experience. I put out a little whenever I get a pickup to smoke for free or even to gain a little extra cash. I have a friend who is younger who is always talking about slangin this slangin that (thinks he's a gangster). Last night he tells me he has someone who wants 2 o's so I'm talking to him making sure this dude was legit. He did stop my friend at a traffic light and asked him whats up so I was a little skeptic. After a few hours of him talking with this guy on and off, I leave the decision in his hands. Told him I'm not involved and I'm not meeting the guy, although the guy saying he was going to blaze us up on some white widow was tempting. So we go to this gas station in the ghetto, I was in a separate car in case something went down. The guy my friend was with should of got in the car with him but went to get a drink instead and I did the same. I got someone looking out outside to see if everythings going straight. Well, shit hits the fan when my boy who was a hard ass "gangsta" walks in the store shaking like a leaf and white as a ghost. Turns out the guy gave him the money and before he could even get the 2 o's out the guy pulls a gun and tells him to give him the money back and the herb. Being that my boy is pretty clever he hands over everything instead of telling him the herb was in the other car or some bs.(sarcasm). So, I got a great deal on a pick up, would of made a profit of 650 for me to have for personal smokage and there it went. In a way I'm glad it happened bc my friend learned his lesson and realizes he isn't as hard as he thought but at the same time it took me for a loss. I'm in a tough spot now. My friend has very little funds and barely makes anything where he works. A part of me tells me that that's my boy, let it slide, lesson learned, atleast he's alright. On the other hand I am completely out of good bud and only made $100 so now I'm up shits creek since I do not like using my personal hard earned money for my habit. I'd like just a few opinions on what some of you guys would do if that happened with one of your good friends. I was thinking of getting him to just getting him to hit me back with what it cost for the bud just so I can re up. Oh, and in case you're wondering why no one else did anything is bc no one else saw what happened and my friend was scared shitless to the point where he barely said a word. So, instead of letting someone know and having me come around the driver side of this guys car from behind with the .45 then we would of been good but guess you can say shit happens. Just not sure what to do...:confused_2:

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