Fucked Up Turn-Ons

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Baked808s, May 24, 2010.

  1. I think we all have something that turns on which is a little bit fucked up. Me, like when a girl gets done working out, I wanna fuck her right there, I love filth, I guess... What about it blades?
  2. people who do hard drugs attract me. so what?
  3. I'd have to say this too, but I'm not sure if it's because I'm turned on by anger, or the fact that someone still has enough fire and raw emotion to allow the anger to come forth.

    In many ways, through years of being told you can't do that/that's illegal now/that's not allowed here anymore, we have become a shadow of our former selves.

    Sometimes it's a complete rush to see someone still be able to express themselves with real, raw emotion. Unfortunately, the "orgasm" of raw emotion is often times manifested through anger, which can be good or bad.
  4. 'Cause the sex is always better when you're mad at me.

    That's actually quite a way to put it... Wow I like that.
  5. Moaning (Don't know if this is fucked up but if a hot girl just decided to passionately moan in front of me for no reason it would be pretty hot.)
  6. Submissiveness :devious:
  7. Oh, and girls who call me Papi. Im not even hispanic but this shit turns me on hard.

    "Papi.. I want you."

  8. I'll just go with a hot latina calling me.
  9. Girls with British accents. (Not really THAT fucked up...right?)
  10. Abusiveness.

    Love getting choked, scratched, wresteled, etc.

  11. I get in a bad mood when girls cry, like I get upset or somethin' idk... Speaking of accents, FRENCH OMFG!
  12. gettin slapped across my face. can lead to interesting encounters when they did it for a reason n r really pissed off about somethin (dont fuck up that read often, but a few too many wobbly pops has been known to make it happen), guess they dont like hearin "Aww, dont do that, that jus turns me on" when it was a legit slap...usually results in a second slap, backhand,m or her jus walkin away all pissed, or all the above lol.

    Rough sex is the best sex...scratchin bitin and so on. Pain in the ass to hide it when i'm marked up from one of the other girls...keeps me on my toes I guess.
  13. Yeah, I don't know why, it kinda turns me on in like a "make-up" sex kind of way.

    Oh, I don't know how I forgot.
    When a chick falls asleep cupping my balls. WOWZA!
  14. Lights! Camera! Action!

    And let the film roll...

    That turns me on big time.
  15. I'm a fan of hairy eskimo face-paint porn but don't judge me on it...
  16. I'm not with abusiveness, but i think my fucked up turn on is rape play...or at least when the girl im gunning to bang plays hard up like she not trying to give that shit up and makes me work/fight for it. That shit there, is just the beesfucking knees.

    1. cause not only have i burned a good sweat but i've kicked a couple calories in the same process

    2. The feisty the better...Sex to me is only good when it's super intense

    3. after everything is said and done you get that real good sleep.

    As far as accents go...bring on the Scottish women those bitches got one hell of an accent.

  17. Alot of women have had fantasies about being raped. It's because they love being overly submissive in bed... They get off on being dominated. Pretty weird...
    That reminds me about french chicks. Not just their accent but their look too, just something about em.
    Not that it's fucked up. I don't know a lot of guys that dig french girls like me though.
  18. I don't know if it's fucked up but I love it when my girlfriend leaves her heels on while we are fucking. Theres nothing like looking over my shoulder and seeing a nice shiny peep toe next to my head.
  19. :smoke: girls who smoke weed :metal:

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