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Fucked up thinking

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DrOpEnEr, May 25, 2010.

  1. one day the teaching of good thinking will be natural
  2. Your realizing new things from a spiritual/philosophical/metaphysical point of view and now your exploring different trains of thought and what you find should be unsettling at times but also liberating finally being able to accept that we are all infinitesimally insignificant and completely in control of our 'fate.'
  3. "Life is shit. You're born, you go to school, you work, then you die" - Every Body Loves Raymond
  4. you have to make a purpose ,otherwise you pretty much summed it up lol.practically everything is useless if you want it to be. like what the fuck is music? anyways.. yeah man you gotta live the way you want and make ur own purpose. right now i dont really give two fucks about myself. i pretty much live for my family right now.

    i just made this up like literally two seconds ago

    "lifes a bitch. only YOU can make it YOUR bitch"
  5. [ame=]YouTube - Joe Rogan's Theory on Life and People[/ame]
  6. Why does an ultimate meaning of life matter? Ultimately, it doesn't. You're alive. That is what is important. Meaning is assigned on an individual basis. Meaning is a creation of the human mind.

    Life, being alive, that is what is important. Don't believe me? Grab a gun and put the barrell down your mouth and pull the trigger. It won't happen. You won't let yourself do it. Why? Because somewhere in your subconscience, in your instincts, you know that being alive is the most important thing.

    What you do while you are alive is up to you. It's up to you to make it "mean" something.

    "meaning" is a man made creation. Transcend it. You are alive. That is all the meaning you need.
  7. I was watching something on the History channel and realized, people living in 13th century England mean nothing to anyone today.
    They lived real lives, just like we are, but they amount to nothing now
    Heres our options as I see it,
    create something that lasts, and touch as many people as you can teaching as much knowledge, kindess, and good morals you can
    and/ or party ur ass off stay wasted love ur life
    u got to enjoy urself and realize this is ur one shot, thats why i dont stress over anything, from little shit to big shit i dont let it get to me. its a game and i found the glitch so im not scared of society
    lets fucking live
  8. Damn, I didn't expect so many replies lol. I wish I could quote all of you guys because I share everybody's point of view. Still, I know now that we are basically meaningless and we are but a mere experience of the Creator. So, yes I'm going to live my life however the fuck I want and visit as much as the world as I can. I want to read every book worth reading and sail the seven seas and experience the majestic natural wonders of the world. I will help spread peace, love, humility, knowledge, and truth. I will try my best to be a beacon in the dak and transcend myself and become a Master like Jesus and Buddha. Thank you all for taking the time to read this.


    P.S. I'm baked like a m:smoking:f:smoking:, smoked four lemon pepper blunts and one of some fire sinse:smoking:.
  9. dude if yall think that there is no point to ur existence in life and ur just life less pawns in gods chess game then i'm sorry to be a dick but SHUT THE F**** UP! Ur on this earth for a reason whether u can see it or not. just think what would happen to all the lives u affect daily (bad or good). Its like the Butterfly effect almost, just think if u weren't there to tell ur friend not to drive drunk or anything else that u know if u weren't there shit would of been different for someone. But not even that. We all bitch about how messed up society is and how twisted this world is yet we live in it and are hypocrites. How many times do u look at ppl and judge them for what they wear or how the talk, walk by a bum and blow them off for the little pocket change u have in ur pocket, don't help the person that just dropped all there shit or even to relate with most ppl here short ppl on weed or take what u think rightfully belongs to u, or even better grab a nug out of the stash when ur dealer is out of the room. not saying i'm perfect thats y i said we me included but i have had a near deadly experience two years back and it really woke me up to see how i was living and how i could better not only my self but the ppl around me. Now not saying u should go get ran over by a car but there is something out there for everyone waiting for ur to discover what it is.

    sorry to rant and rave but when i see this it give me little hope for our generation and thats why i'm running for pres to get the country back when of age. Vote for me Boys Bless America and legalize it.
  10. Hey man no one ever sais we weren't here for a reason. Yes, we're here for some superficial reason and of course we're going to touch and change life's. It's a never ending cycle that comes full circle bro. Trust me, I'm one of the few people in my city that walks around with a smile saying hello to people who I make eye-contact with and dude I smoke out bums and love listening to their stories. I help anybody who needs help bro it's in my nature to just do it. I believe in Karma and I want that bitch on my side to make this experience a little easier. About us being here for a reason I believe you man. Like I said before, I have a shaman/ascended master teaching me to pierce the veil that has been drawn over our eyes and to awaken the power within. According to him I am here for a special reason and I was born to learn what I'm learning. I have many beliefs sir that I bet if I told you them you'd label or deem me crazy. I believe in an after-life but not the way most people believe it. I guess all I'm saying is that in the end when we go back into the All we'll be nothing but a God-experience. None of this here is of real importance. This world is a dream/nightmare and dying is waking up. Nothing you do matters. We could disappear from the universe and nobody would know or miss us. Just realize the truth, come to terms with it, and live your life however you damn well please. Think about it harder next time bro, there's several angles to this bitch.

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    there are some good normal thinking points here... but some i think may be misunderstood or misguided... perhaps in explaining my views on life, maybe you can pull bits and pieces from it, jus like i have been doing so from everything ive experienced/heard so far because from the little ive read here, it seems we think alike... please feel free to disagree..

    first off, id like to mention some things about me... im not religious.. i dont pray or anything like that... i disagree with the little ive learned of whats in the bible... i think its tainted... i have little knowledge on any religion... i've been to church here and there...

    anyways... onto the life crap...

    - the human mind is extremely capable... and quite possibly, far beyond anyone and all their sciences can comprehend... it can trick the very body it's in, into physical danger... you can know all the stats and possible permutations of an outcome but still go for the small almost impossible event... it can create a world where you think everyone is staring/judging at your physical "defect", where in actuality people see right past your flaws and only see a beautiful lonely being who totally looks bothered by the "standards"... the mind can master crazy mathematics/languages... it would be a shame if something so amazing just ends when we physically die... how can the mind even get to a limit??? can you reach a toxic point of learning/thinking/reasoning??? i do not believe we are just matter on earth with finite existance... you have to have hope and FAITH here... this is where i believe you may be struggling with... it doesnt matter what you or i believe... but we must believe with FAITH... (its so odd how you keep hearing the same damn words all your life and then they take relevance in your life and your'e like wow)

    - so where do we go when we die? the physical world is impossible to be perfect in... i think this is by design.. you're mind must progress through different states in order to evolve... it can not know how truley deep suffering is without knowing it exists... its on tv.. all over the internet... the daily lives you run into the street... scum after scum... people constantly trying to trick each other for physical things or status gains... so why be good at all? because theres experience in it... why take the time to be bad? because theres experience in it too... if you believe what i believe, id much rather take the time and learn experiences from doing good things... because id like to evolve my mind in that manner... sure i suck sometimes.. we all suck sometimes... but we are all on that same path... i also wont say you dont evolve by doing bad things... sometimes all their lives theyre lawless people and then like a switch, get tired of it and try to be decent... that works too... shit happens... you can not know true love for someone if you never show compassion for their flaws... but what about when theres nothing physical and you're just some conciousness... this is when your mind can REALLY think... this is where i believe we go when we die... because all the physical teases are taken away... the only thing left, is to reason... through this, is evolution... but i have to have that FAITH... that knowing that my mind doesnt stop after the physical death...

    you want to fast forward till youre 30??? you dont want to experience the sacrifices you had to make to even be able to have a family?? you just want to assume it will go that way? im not judging you because im still very naive myself.... but id want to feel every burden ive had to carry when i accomplish something worthy in my life... you have to know of suffering to understand the good that comes out of it to truley appreciate it.. otherwise, its just something that fell into your lap... like bird shit... no one appreciates bird shit...
  12. yo man I know what your thinking about. I seriously was just like you about a year ago. But you gotta realize that we will never truley understand what life really is and that life is what we make of it. If you go around saying that life is a lie and theres no point in living, then you are going to be one miserable fuck. Who cares about God or our creator or some shit? Live life to the fullest and be happy despite whatever created mankind.:smoking:

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