fucked up the ph value of soil

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  1. I have 3 plants, 5 days in flowering stage, about 34cm tall, normal grow on normal flower soil I bought at my local flower shop. 3 CFL's about 24W at 2700k. Flowering stage lights on 12/12.
    As I started this fase, I stopped adding nutrients but still, I had drooping leaves and the leaves nearest to the bottom died off (Real leaves). So I think that what I have here is a to high or too low ph-value of the soil.
    I flushed 1 plant, which is now (1h and 30min afterwards) not anymore drooping.
    Are their any good tutorials on this? what would you recommend to do? Should I buy ph-test stripes? How would I fix the abnormal ph-value?

  2. I guess that depends on what the ph problem is. I strongly suggest at least buying some ph strips. Once you find out the problem, it's easy to figure out how to fix it. Just click 'Search' and type in your problem, it's probably been answered 500 times. It's pretty common.
  3. Yeah get some strips or a soil tester kit. Anything to give you an idea of what's going on. And get it sorted out soon as you can, I ignored a pH problem and I'm really paying for it.
  4. ended up buying these piss ph-test stripes, which I think can give a vague ph-value (if its higher or lower than 7, since it was made for urin. I recommend, to anybody eho has this problem, using the more expensive universal ph-test stripes (about 10EUR in a drug store), since they are ment for such a thing and won't give you any false results.
    I've tested the test stripes on NaClaq solvent ( distilled water with salt) which HAS a ph of 7,4 the test stripes indicate a high value of adicity 5<, which may mean that the piss stipes only work for piss and I just wasted 5 EUR.
  5. You can't guess at pH. You need to get a real meter, test the runoff, and adjust pH accordingly.

    You also need a lot more light than 3 24w CFLs to flower 3 plants -- probably triple that amount at a minimum.
  6. Is there a correct way to test soil with test stripes? I've mixed about 5ml soil with about 20ml water (fosset water, no clorine) it gave me in the starting a value of under 5 (which I wrote, I just tested it again and it gave me a value of approx. 6,2 - 6,3. the stripes have a precision of 0.1 ph.
  7. Go to a pet supply store. They sell them for aquariums, and they are pretty cheap. We use them for our aquarium. They have a range of 4.5 - 8.0 which is prefect for our use. You want the soil to be about 6.3 - 6.8 but anywhere in the 6's is fine.

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