fucked up the cop

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  1. lol. i knew the title would get ur attention. let me get right 2 it but be advsied im still hammmmmmmereed.

    okay well my best friend since 3rd grade (graduated high school 2 years ago im 19 hes 21) me and him were chillin at this other kids house he got into a quad accident last year and his leg is still fucked up where he has to use a crutch. still cool as hell tho. he tells me and my boy the bar like 100feet from his house will serve me no problem he went to high school wit the bartender who just turned 21, i been drinkin for years but never in a bar and i was skeptical but said okay fuck it. went in CARDED ME. i was like naa i aint got it so w/e w/e my 2 boys take grain alcohol cherry :cherry bombs: shots and fucked. we leave and they get me a 40 Cammo (nasty shit) but 9.0 alcohol so id get fucked up if i chugged it quick. got fucked up. smoked 2 blunts for just me n my boy. went back to the bar. by this time its pretty full and my 2 boys are there shootin pool in the back so we go chill for a min and I tell my boy yo heres $10 go get me a bacardi n coke and 3grain cherryt shots. He comes back and i down them. he gets me like 5 rounds and i get plastered. Sum dude that was @ the bar had a grovey bag full of half sticks of dynamtine and he wanted to sell all (prolyl like 200 in the bag) for $1.50 a piece I buy 1 cuzz 1 block away this kid ripped my boy off with fake shroom like 3 night ago so fuck it. I get like 3 more rounds to my head and we leave we walk and i put the dynatmine in the dudes window nad light it and i run AnD BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM i blew the fucker up. I start runnin. I run in a different direction as my boys ( including me 3 of us out the car) and Im runnin thru the woods freakin out full speed and a cop outta no where pulls me by the rigght arm and turns me around and i blass him in the face with mace with my left. He screams and goes down and I just run. I make it to my boys moms house......no1s there. Earlier I tossed all my weed, proly like a quarter, 6gs maybe, over this balcony. (at the time i was like i aint gettin arrested for weed) so I go back for it cuzz I couldnt find my boys. It turns out, lmfao, i throw it off like a 25 foot balcony and my bag is like sittin on the edge but theres like nothin in the bag, maybe liike .8 so I roll that and watch the cops, like 100feet away at the kids house i lit that at I rolled it took like 5 wacks and WOOW gone. I passed out on 1 of my boys moms front porches cuzz I knew they'd find me sooner or latrer. I get picked up and I dont even know it but were goni to fight sum other kid. I'm just like naaa i got like 18-21 shots in me im 6'3 150lbs im a skinny white dude lmfao i aint battlin no1 I just maced a cop you know. crazy but we went to wendys. I got out the car and sat RIGHT on the curb and fired the rest of that blunt up which was like over a half blunt and smoked it, went in told the kids at the register (it was 240am) lmfao its 458 right now AMM!!!!!!! i told them everything that hpappend n they jus laughed and i just got home not 2 long ago. but yo i smoked n drank all nite... BUT BUT BUT BTUBTUB 1st time goin to a bar......CRAZYYY open ur notebooks and mark the date 2 nite was nuts i lvoe it lol im soooo ripped if u can understand this I give u all the props cuzz i hope u do IM OUT hit me up tomm (few hours ) or AIM - StreetRdn

  2. HAHA o shit man, what a crazy adventure!
  3. damn thats nuts man :smoke:
  4. Damn what a crazy damn day....i'd be traumatized(sp?)
  5. fauckk youre ripped right now
  6. blew up a kids living room nice one lol
  7. I'd mace a random cop if given the chance.
  8. fuck the police!

  9. Nice man...
  10. Haha, I second that emotion...I mean, especially if he was about to bust you for some Al Qaeda hijinks...

    Fucking dynamite, man? That is the craziest thing I've ever heard...Wait..going back and reading it...did you kill him with the dynamite?

    This leaves me with more questions than answers
  11. Hahahaha! That's so fucking ridiculous and hilarious. My night wasn't nearly as interesting.
  12. Can you break that up into paragraphs? I can barely read it.
  13. dear god, you blew a kid up
  14. Werd, i gave up after a few words.
  15. Someone was selling dynamite at the bar? WTF... LOL
  16. wait u were carrying mace around haha....are u a woman?? HAHAHA just playin
  17. you better hope that no one ever finds out about the macing thing. if it really happened, and the police find out it was you, you WILL go to jail.
    its a felony offence to assault an officer.
  18. hahahahahah this is such a badass story fo real. dynamite, drugs, fucking up a cop hahahha
  19. A guy by my house was setting off 1/4 sticks of dynamite on the 4th of july... the cops came and ticketed him. As they drove away, he lit another and chucked it at their car. Needless to say they came back and arrested him, lol.
  20. And holy shit, lets hope you didnt blow him up!

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