Fucked up situation

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  1. so I posted probably a month ago about how my friends were irresponsible with acid, bought it off a friend of mine... then they went and broke into this kids house while he and his family was away, tripped, the gma called the popo... they all got arrested and then they found cid on my friend.
    My boy and I are close like we chill allthe time and like two weeks ago he was suppsoed to get a shirt int he mail, a nice ass shirt too. Well his mom said it never came, the dude he got t from gave it the tracking number and it said it arrived on a monday.
    well we didnt think anything of it
    until now.
    On Sunday we were hanging out with one of my friends, and he's really drunk.
    Like really fucking drunk.
    And he starts telling me about how the people that got in trouble for the cid BROKE INTO MY BOYS FUCKING MAILBOX TO GET HIS ADDRESS AND LAST NAME
    now these mailboxes are like the metal/muli ones for apartments and shit
    but not only did they break into his fucking mailbox they took his fucking shirt and gave it to another person [and i know who all did this, etc]
    So now i'm fuckign pissed, my boy sold it to people that were supposed to be my freinds but in actuality they snitched on him like it wasnt a fucking problem. They don't know I know, but could my boy charge them with fucking with his mail, or anything?
    What should I/we/he do?
  2. if i was him i would beat the shit out of every one of those kids seperatly. If he isnt a fighter, i would get one of his cousins or something to beat the shit out of every one of those kids lol. Dont press charges, because then they all might beat the shit out of your boyfriend...seperatly.
  3. if you charge them with doing the mail box thing then they will be charged with a very sever felony I think 10 yrs but hell what do I know..

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