Fucked up shit

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by steveo420, May 15, 2011.

  1. So last nite me and my drunken brother got into it and i had to leave his house and go to my parents(who are outta town). I had to take my baby plants w/ me. SO i get home and put my babies on the front porch and was gonna move them today. Well apperantly my bro called the cops and told them i had weed plant and that my buddy had needles. So we get searched they find the weed and throw it out. Needls were clean so my bud was good there. Luckly they found me outside and i took them through the back door so they didnt find my plants.Talk about some fucked up shit.
  2. why the fuck would your bro that ?! i really dont understand the beginning of your story why did you have to move your plants etc...
  3. 1. your brother is fucked up for doing that no matter how mad/fucked up he was
    2. You guys got searched and weed was found? You live in cali?
  4. bc my bro basically kicked me out and didnt want them in his house. What kind of bro wants to see his brother in jail
  5. na virginia cops didnt care about weed. it was just a g
  6. so your plant only had 1g of bud growing?
  7. they luckly didnt find my plants just a g i had that was about to be rolled up
  8. i'm sorry to hear that your own brother would do such a thing. No Christmas cards for him in the future.
  9. you sure he wasn't more pissed about the needles and what they're being used for?
    not exactly a reason to call the fuzz on your own blood still but damn if he isn't even down with weed keep the needles away from him

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