fucked up shit

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  1. well, theres police round the hood. some teenagers are goin round cuttin little kids with knives and fishing hooks and throwing them in the ditch. if i find out who is doing this im gonna fuck someone up. someone else wanna tell me how fucked up this is. 15 year olds goin round cuttin little kids and shit, wtf. gets me angry just thinkin bout it. ill shoot the fucker i see that is doing this shit. and it better not be the guy we call retard john, hes gotten my dealer sent to jail for something he didnt do and almost did it a second time.

    omg, gets my blood boiling. i need a bowl to relax but no tree.

    12 gauge to the face is whats gonna happen to the fuckers doin this in my neighborhood.
  2. Are you 15?
  3. wow cutting up little kids? Thats beyond fucked up. If I ever saw someone do this I would kill them on the spot
  4. im not sure what your getting at but no i am not 15. are you saying that its not fucked up that someone would do this? i read your story about the pepsi truck and some guy pulled a gun on you. that sucks dude, good thing u floored it,haha.
  5. No I do think that's fucked up shit but it just sounded like you might know the kids doing it or something.

    Anyways yea I'm lucky to not of gotten fucked up.
  6. if you shoot that kid in the face with a shot gun, you are no better than he is, IMO. Let the police actually do their job and get fuckers off the street. Beat his ass if you have to but murder is weak shit, espically when he did nothing to harm you
  7. while these people should be killed just on general principle, i do not endorse taking that action into your own hands, seeing as that were talking about 15 year olds, here. You wouldn't want the murder of a child on your record. as tempting as it is....i wouldn't do it. Just call da po-lice if you se it, and restrain his/her/their ass/asses till the 5-0 get there.\

  8. sounds like one fucked up ghetto
  9. cut them and throw them in a fucking ditch... or strip them naked and tie their hands and feet, throw em in the street.

    haha that ryhmed.
  10. ummm you sound familiar

    [​IMG] there we go

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