fucked up schools?

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  1. im not in school anymore but when i was oh man. my school was so fucked and they hated me. i always got in school for literally nothing at times.

    i got 5 months of in school so they could seperate me and my girl because i walked her to her classes.. oh and i got caught with my cell phone.. is what they told me... 5 months of basically jail. nasty pb sandwhich with old milk everyday for lunch.

    bomb threat era... just so you know nobody in that schools town has the intelligence needed nor one tenth of it to construct a bomb. for 4 months you had to sign in the bathrooms one person at a time on camera.

    they had 6 sherrifs every morning with kevlar on and shot guns and dogs. searched everybody down to the poop sack.

    thats what you get for going to a redneck shithole i guess lol.

    oh they even used to really piss me off. on fridays after in school they would act all normal until one minute before i could go, a cop would come and arrest me, trying to get me to snitch on some kids that robbed shit.

    to be honest with you guys, i ended up dropping out and getting my GED my school was so fucked.

    any fucked up shit happen to you?

    they even sent me home once for being a serious danger to the staff and students for being high. i failed one pen eye test and smelled like weed. i was like wow how am i dangerous if i was high if anything i would be safer.

    i was totally high as fuck but i knew even failing all the tests wasnt enough so i denied it all lol
  2. sounds fun man. my schools going hitler as well. today like 50 people get randomly drug tested, mainly due to snitches, we have teachers that like wait in the fucking bathroom for us to question us about dipping cause people dip in the bathroom. its ghheeyy
  3. I went to a pretty shitty high school.
    My freshman year a kid got stabbed by a few kids in the middle of the hallway, ended up going into a coma and almost died. When I was a sophmore, a huge brawl broke out during an assembly and it took like an hour for the cops to come in force and able to break it up.
    One day some kids got into a brawl outside of school in the parking lot, one of the kids got into his SUV and ran over/hit like 5 kids. We had a good amount of heroin users in my school, one time a few of them got a bad batch and they all ended up in the hospital for awhile. ect ect ect

    On top of that, there was the usual drug dealing/usage/overdoses that many high schools have.
    me and my friends used to get high with little one hitters right in class/study hall and never got caught lol. Would take a hit and just blow the smoke into your backpack.

    My school was so bad, that people who were in sports or were great academically were told by college recruiters/advisors to transfer out of my school their junior and senior years to better high schools so they'd have a better chance to landing a good college.
  4. I dropped out myself, and got my GED. i now sit at my house 6 miles out of town everyday with no transportation :l
  5. I went to one of the best districts in the U.S :)

    Literally 1 school officer on the premises.
  6. We didn't have any security, white suburbia ftw I guess :confused_2:.
  7. how is it even right for public schools to drug test id rather get suspend glad im not in high school and i refuse to conform to it if my last college was to implent it fuck tht shit

    how much freedom are they gonna take away god dam
  8. sisters ex boyfriend when he went to school he was a very bright kid and had good grades and was respectful. One day a teacher accused him of stealing something so he threw his hands in the air like omg no i didnt, and she accused him of hitting her. So now he got suspended. After that his lyfe spiralled down hill to the streets selling more than just weed. Fights, and all that good stuff. Probaably even been in a drive by. People dont realize how one person can change someones soon to be great life into something shit.
  9. I swear I've already read this thread and it wasn't posted today.
  10. In my school we had cameras everywhere, only one room had air conditioning and it was always hot and muggy as it was built a while ago also. You can't leave campus or you get ISS, 4 lates and you get a friday 2 hour detention. There are no mirrors in the guys bathroom because someone broke them and used them as weapons.. only one person in a bathroom at a time, principles blatantly hit on girls, and trys to be 'bros' and relate to every dude that gets in trouble.
  11. This made me think of a fight story at my school

    2 years ago, there were these 2 black girls that started a fight over a bag of chips. a BAD OF FUCKING CHIPS. i'm like 2 lunch tables over, so i have a good seat. They are hitting, slapping, grabbing, etc; when all of the sudden the principal of my school came over and tackled one of the girls into a trash can, which sent the trashcan flying like 20 feet across the lunchroom

    another one happened this year. This guy told another guy to throw the first punch in the lunchroom, so the guy did. 1st guy just laughed, then threw the other guy down so hard that his kneecap was hanging out of his leg. you could see the bone. So glad i decided to buy my lunch that day.
  12. I go to one of the most sheltered highschools in the state but we've had a fucked up year the first day we had a bomb threat bear sighting and fire behind the school we've also had a kid light 3 fires in the bathroom a girl killed her self and the year's only half over
  13. my high school was full of ignorant fucktards for the most part. even the teachers were fucking retarded.

    i remember one time during a heat wave they decided to sit us all in the hottest room of the building. they put 2 classes together, for a total of like 50 or so kids (2 chemistry classes). then these fucking crazy teachers decided to show us "fire experiments". yeah, just what we want to see, fire on one of the hottest days in the hottest room.

    needless to say, people started getting pissed, a fight broke out. just a couple of kids who got pissed and fought lol, idk if there was any reason or not.

    we had a lot of fights for no reason in my school. it was awesome seeing people fight during lunch, like a free show.
  14. I swear, my school is filled with the weirdest most ignorant kids in the entire world. Apparently im the anti Christ cause I smoke weed. (I go to a private catholic school.)
  15. thats weird I had alot of potheads at my private catholic highschool :smoke:

  16. All I can picture is Beavis and Butthead sitting there sweating until they start shaking vigorously and begin to fight and break everything they fall into.
  17. damn and this all happened in a Chicago suburb?
  18. Shit the normal shooting ...ppl killing drug dealers blah blah.... wats new in chicago
  19. god damn I never realized how good my highschool was
  20. its just the inner city in chicago but u guys wudnt bielve how it is ..like a huge free for all survival type shit haha

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