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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by FeelGood, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. I Stare.
    I Stare Into Nothing, Watching Nothing Stare Back
    Stares Back With It's Black Eyes As It Searches My Soul
    Looking For The Goodness In Me
    Finding Nothing
    My Black Heart Throbs In Despair
    When Thought Of What Nothing Is
    My Eyes Open Into The Nothing
    I Realize That I Am The Nothing That Lurks In The Darkness
    The Soul Searcher Looking For Richiousness
    Black Souls Surrounding My Eyes
    Nothing Is Good
    All Is Dead

    Something I wrote down when I was baked.

    I also wrote this down.

    I Smoke A Joint
    A Joint I Smoke
    Everywhere, You See Me Toke
    I Smoke A Joint And Start To Fly
    Everywhere You See Me High
    Weed Is Life
    Weed Is Game
    Weed Is The Thing...That Keeps Us Tame
    And To All Tokers Here And There
    Enjoy You Bud
    To You Good Night, To Me Good Night
    Hey Who The FUCK Stole My Light?

    Funny to me. Later
  2. me likey

    first one would make awesome lyrics to a dark song.... If someone wants to sing it I could mix it into one of my other existing songs. Check out my music at http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?songs=98799&T=6404 .

    second one reminds me of Dr. Seuss (RIP you brilliant seuss you :'()
  3. I could try to sing. I suppose we could do the same thing every other band does and sing bad then use special effects to make it unreal. I'm up for it.
  4. Smoke 2 joints before i smoke 2 joints, and then i smoke 2 more.

  5. definately. I'm good w/ the FX. check out my tracks on that link above. Listen to "in the dark" i did some crazy shit on the voice in that.
  6. the first one reminds me of that poem in Half Baked:
    "I have killed.
    I have helped kill.
    I cannot change this,
    I must seek Buddha.
    I must seek Christ."

    "You... must seek counciling. That's where I would go with that, but that's just me."

    P.S. I'm not putting your poem down, I really liked it. That was just the scene I thought of when I read it.
  7. great poems, though i have a suggestion for the second one....just popped into my head while reading it

    you wrote

    Weed is life, weed is game, weed is the thing....that keeps us tame

    I thought

    Weed is life, weed is game, weed is the thing....that keeps us sane

  8. hey isnt that sublime?
  9. yeah it is. he was being humorous.
  10. Sublime's version was actually a cover. I was listening to Kroq and they played a different version and I was thinking wtf is this? It was all oldies style. They said it was the original by the Toys. Go figure...

  11. oh
  12. OrngAviatrGogls, In the Dark is fucking crazy! crazy ass fx! some great stoned listening.
  13. actually i was quoting marley, but apparentley i was quoting a lot of people, heh.

  14. well thank you kindly.... always glad to hear my work is appreciated. I got some new stuff coming down the tube soon, should be sweet.

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