Fucked up night

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  1. It was a good day, i just got my new car an i was happy as ever, later on i scooped my buddy an went to go get a sack of regg, after we got it we debated on were to go, so we decided to go to the varsity football game, when we got there i picked out a good lil spot to part, an we burned lik 3 bowls sittn there, then we waited till halftime to go in, it started raining so we headed back to my car, then left to go to mcdonalds, well we got to an intersection an i wasnt payin attention to the car coming towards me, so i got in the left turning lane an forgot to yeild an got smashed by some lady, it was so fckn crazy, then as soon as it was over with, my friend was like " dood, get tha weed out the cops are gonna be here" so i quickly got tha weed, an my bowl out an walked away lik i was talkn on my cell an i stashed it behind a trashcan...thank god no one was hurt, but it just shows no matter how good of a time ure havin, shit can fck up ure day, now my cars totalled, my parents are droppin me from there insurance which means its gonna be another year or two b4 i get to drive again...atleast my friend found tha bowl an tha weed later on, haha
  2. Sorry to hear that man, atleast you're alright though
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    Nice first post
    "I got high and almost killed myself, my friends, and some innocent lady":hello::rolleyes:

    Dood you're drive a 2 ton killing machine, leave the friends at home or tell them to STFU while you're driving.
  4. ya it sucks your cars fucked and the insurance crap, but ya did bring it on yourself man. ya shouldve known better and paid attention. if the weathers bad ya shouldve been minding the road whether or not you were baked
  5. Don't drive high unless you know you can drive absolutely perfect.
  6. You're getting enough preaching from other members. All I'm gonna say is, shit happens dude, but life goes on! Now you're friends can give rides, lol.

  7. WTF, how would you ever know you could drive perfect?

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