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    So basically, I've been living with my sister. My parents moved to Italy and I have no place to stay right now, so my sister let me live at her place. (Keep in mind that my dad actually owns the house, but she treats it as her own.) Everything was fine, until one day. See, I wasn't allowed to have any buddies over because my sister knows I'm a pothead and she doesn't want any of my "scumbag pothead" friends at the house. It's sorta understandable because she just had a baby. So we all came to an arrangement. We would turn the unused garage into an apartment for me, and we did it. I had a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. It was sweet. I was allowed to have any friends over and it wasn't a big deal at all, until one day she just flipped.
    She said no more friends over, blah blah blah, I don't even know. It was random and pretty ridiculous, but being the stubborn guy I am, I still had friends over. She didn't really know, because sneaking people into the garage was easy, but one day she did see my friend over. I let him sleep over because he had no place to stay for the night, so I was like yea whatever, come over. He slept over and that was it. No big deal, no noise, no smoking, nothing. We behaved.
    So in the morning she barges in and starts yelling and accusing us of being high, which I don't even see how thats possible because we JUST woke up and didn't even smoke the night before... but anyway, she kicks him out and starts screaming at me with her husband. Then, as ridiculous as this may sound, they both started beating me up. Hitting me, kicking me, tackling me, everything. Now I'm the kind of guy that respects women, and I would never hit a girl, so I was basically taking a beating and couldn't do shit about it. So eventually she threw me on the driveway and I got a really bad cut on my elbow, I was bleeding so much and I was just on the ground getting beat the fuck up. I was done. I had enough. So I kicked her off of me, and SOMEHOW broke her hand when I did it. I don't know how, I barely kicked  her. Maybe she broke her hand hitting me, I don't know. So anyway now she's like "call the police!" So now the police come...
    They come with there lights and fucking sirens on, like it's the biggest deal ever. KEEP IN MIND that my sister is FRIENDS with all the police officers because shes a paramedic, so I was pretty fucked. Anyway long story short, she presses charges and I get arrested. I get a 5000 bail and spend 6 days in jail, even though I have nothing on my record. I've always been a good kid when it came to the law. It was my FIRST offence and I spent 6 days in a maximum security jail, for an assault 3rd charge. Who knows.
    Eventually I get released and now I'm living with my aunt in a town thats like an hour away from all my friends and family. So heres the problem. I do nothing all day. I am becoming so depressed. I can't smoke weed anymore because I get drug tested because the court forced me to go drug treatment,.. for weed. I have no other drug history. All I've done is smoke weed, but now I'm in drug treatment with some guy watching me pee into a cup. I have no friends and nothing to do all day. It sucks. My life just got completely fucked. I have an order of protection now from my sister and her husband so I can't even try to apologize or anything. I don't know what to do with my life... any advice?

  2. She was probably on her period.
  3. Gotta try and find the good in the bad sometimes. Take it as a crossroads in your life and a start to a good, productive life and path. Or, follow the dark path. Your choice. New beginning today. Life is a free roll as it is, just do what makes u happy.

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    That's a good point. I really wanna get a job and finish school/get my GED. I should work on that, I guess.
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    Everything takes time but everything will be fixed, just be patient. And while you're at it, try starting over, find new friends, pursue the things that makes you happy. The things that makes you feel worst, use them to get stronger. Try to be productive. Show your sister that it's not only her who deserves an apology but also you because you never did anything in the first place and you have to go all those troublesome things which is obviously the kind of treatment you don't deserve and one day when she sees you working hard to be better, she'll come to her senses. But above all, try to forgive everyone who you think hurt you. The key is just to persevere then everything will pay off. It will just all be up to you how you would manage everything.
  6. im calling this a troll thread unlesss  your sister is a crack head?
    and assault is for threatening injury, would have been a battery. also assault is not a maximum security offense, especially not a 3rd degree assault.
    and if anything you said at all was even half true you would have faced no problems with the law since you were supposedly beaten by your sister and her husband
    Seriously, shut the fuck up. Everything I said was true. Why would I make a troll thread about this? All I want is some advice. Obviously it sounds like bullshit because the whole thing is RIDICULOUS. OBVIOUSLY I shouldn't have been charged with assault or put in a maximum security jail, but I was. The whole reason I'm getting depressed about all this bullshit, because the whole thing is ridiculous. By the way, in the state of New York assualt 3rd is defined as the following..
    "§ 120.00 Assault in the third degree.
        A person is guilty of assault in the third degree when:
        1.  With  intent to cause physical injury to another person, he causes
      such injury to such person or to a third person; or
        2. He recklessly causes physical injury to another person; or
        3. With criminal negligence, he  causes  physical  injury  to  another
      person by means of a deadly weapon or a dangerous instrument.
        Assault in the third degree is a class A misdemeanor."
    And for those of you that don't believe me...
    So there you go. Don't call me a troll when I just came here for some advice.
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    Don't listen to that guy, I mean look at his name. (no offence strain) The best advice you could get was from MrPapageorgio and GaMaRo. What doesn't killl you makes you stronger right? You don't need weed to be happy (well I do). Finish school, get a job, go to college and be the best in your major. Then, when you have all the money racking in, she'll come crawling back to see how much you have achieved in life. Good luck and may God be with you.
  9. find some hobbies, focus on knowledge
    do not to act out in anger
    people will try to bring you down, but stay focused on a goal that puts you on a brighter path
    think about who you want to be, where you are going
    Good Luck
  10. Lemme tell you a story about my dick, I think it might cheer you up.
  11. Do whatever ya gotta do to survive. DO NOT apologise to your sister. Tell yourself that she died on the day she called the cops. You no longer have a sister. If people ask about her, tell them she is dead in your eyes. Good luck and never trust family!! Live on your own and do your own thing. Live free.
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    you was probably wanted gone for a long ass time my friend. Living in that garage didn't sound all that great until you said you souped that shit up, but still. they were looking for the smallest thing to throw you out. your dad owns that house right? talk to him, I'm sure that'll even the tarmac.  
    EDIT: yeah, forget your sister tbh, as Danbridge said, might as well be dead in your vision.
  13. Holy fucking hell. Your sisters sounds like a truly terrible and evil person. Why don't you save up some money and move to Italy with your parents?
  14. Press charges against them for assault, sue them for their house, get revenge.
    As the old addage goes: Don't get mad, Get Even! :metal:
    What a fuckin cunt, she deserves whatever you can cook up IMO. Get her in trouble with the law, ruin her reputation, hire some goons etc...
    Shes fucking crazy. And I could live with my parents in Italy if I really wanted to, but I've lived in Italy before, and it isn't for me. Most people would love to ltaly haha, but not me.
  16. Didn't your friend witness this assualt?
    If he was a true friend, he would testify in court on your behalf, and tell them what he saw.
    They stomped the shit out of you did they not? I know how ya feel.
    My biggest regret in life is not getting revenge on those fuckers while I had the chance.
    Keep your head up man. Get even though for sure, because what happened to you isn't right. You didn't deserve all that IMO.
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    They kicked my friend out before all that happened, so he didn't see anything. And yea, I know I didn't deserve it, but I guess I can say jail was a learning experience and straightened me out a little bit.
    You can sleep on my couch in Copenhagen if you want. Best of luck man you don't deserve this treatment, I would go to your sisters house and wail on them, she needs to know how fucking terrible she is. How did your parents react?
    Well technically I can't go there because they got an order of protection, so if I do go there I can get up to 7 years in jail.. and my parents are sorta on my side, sorta on her side. I don't see how. My sister made up a bunch of bullshit and said I was smoking.. crack..? I don't even know where this came from. I would never smoke crack or anything like that.
  20. well since you wanna put it like that, let's look at the real problem WOMEN his sister is power hungry.
    I mean If I was a bitch and was beating someone up and they kicked me one time and I broke my hand lmao, I'd call the police as well, makes her look stupid If she doesn't.

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