fucked up my linux :-/

Discussion in 'General' started by Tumble, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. being retarded as i am
    especially when high like i was

    i fucked up my linux... again!!! i just redid my partition and was happy with the way i was getting everything set up... but being a complete retard and just messing around with shit... i changed my users home directory from whatever it was... something like ____/willy to /root and now i cant login using it :(

    right now im booting from disk but PLEASE HELP
  2. bump :( :(

    i need help bad

    please can you help me figure out how to go back and re-edit that ish
  3. 99% certain it's just a permissions issue. Log into root and create another user (just temporary, name/pass doesn't matter). Transfer all the data you need into that user's home directory (don't forget hidden settings files like .bashrc or anything you may have customized). Delete the fucked user and recreate it. Move the data over into that user's home directory, change the permissions, and then delete the temporary user. You should be able to log in now :)

    ...so why did you do that in the first place? ;)

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