fucked up my hand - medical advice?

Discussion in 'General' started by docleary, May 17, 2010.

  1. yesterday i was lurking around the woods stoned and drinkin on a pocket bottle of captains when i tripped over my walking stick. i tried to catch myself by putting my left hand out to slow my inevitable descent. that was when i realized i was under a tree the branches of which were covered in thorns. well, as i landed i felt something penetrate my palm in two places.

    one thorn about an inch and a half long stuck almost through my palm, where my thumb meets the rest of my hand. another thorn stuck into the other side of my thumb and also exited; i'm not worried so much about that because it tore out sideways. the other hole is pretty much closed up and a little swollen, and the only time its pain free is when its hot. i washed it out with rubbing alcohol right after it happened, then put some antibiotic ointment on it, too. once i got home last night i soaked my hand in epsom salt/hot water.

    but i had to skip work today because my hand is literally useless. i can't move it without intense muscle pain, and where i dig worms in mud flats, it was just something i couldn't do today.

    so my question to you is this blades - what can i do to make the pain go away and regain use of my left hand?

    this is an important matter because as it is, i cannot roll joints. :eek:
  2. I would consult a doctor before a forum full of heads lmao. I'm sure a doctor would give you something to bring the swelling down and something for the pain.

    On that joint issue.. invest in a cheap bowl for the now haha
  3. this forum has saved me so much money on medical issues.

    i might go to the doctors if it doesn't get better in the next couple days. i just don't have insurance.

    as far as the bowl, i have one, i just can't keep sparking it and working a carb because my hand hurts so fucking bad.
  4. Off with his hand!
  5. i just went outside for a cup of coffee and saw the ax sitting outside the woodshed and thought about it briefly.

    i think that would hurt a little more than this though. but they do wonders with prosthetics these days :smoking:
  6. Uh, can't roll a joint? Well holy shit, why didn't you say so! Emergency! Emergency! We've got a code 420! Paging Dr. Blade! Dr. Blade we need you in the Chill Out Zone, STAT!

    Seriously man, sounds like you've done everything you should have done with a home remedy. Now it's probably a good time to let the professionals take a closer look. You never know if you could be causing yourself more damage in the long run. If it were me, I'd go have a doctor look at it.

    A real one that is, not Dr. Blade.:D
  7. loldrblade

    when i realized i had two thorns in my hand, i first pulled out the one that wasn't as deep. it just sorta tore out sideways. the other one was a little more difficult. i pulled it a little bit, felt it tickling the back of my hand and thought to myself "this is gonna fucking HURT" and just pulled it out as quickly and steadily as possible. the tip of the thorn digging around was certainly a peculiar sensation.
  8. Yeah if I didn't have insurance I would tough it out :p
  9. just kind of lay down thats wat i did when i fucked up my leg it should seal up after awhile.
    you should post pics so we'll kno wat we're talking about better
  10. The only major concern I see in regards to not visiting a doctor is the risk of infection. That could be the intense pain you're feeling.
  11. i would post pics if i had a camera.

    the pain i think is mostly muscular. i had the missus check it out (she went to nursing school) and she said there's three muscles i could have hit. so far, no ooze or discoloration plus the fact i washed it out with rubbing alcohol and have kept antibiotic ointment on it has me hopeful that there's no infection.

    i took a couple aleve and it feels alot better. i can open and close my hand without much pain.

    i wish OC's weren't so expensive, i've got an excuse now.
  12. I suggest medicinal marijuana.
  13. Go to the doctor and get painkillers. Until then, toke up :smoking:
  14. Still got the captain?

    Take a couple swigs, that'll numb the pain.
  15. :laughing:

    i polished that off last night immediately after pulling the thorn from my hand.

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