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FUCKED........UP...............(its the gravy)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NuBBiN, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. Firstly..I advise you not to go to these links unless stoned/drunk/rolling/baked/cooked/fried/toasted or in a strong euphoric mood.

    Norm...this first movie is what would happen if two fucked up stoners like us were to actually meet in person and become friends....

    (I hope they teach snakes a lesson!)

    (FUCK YOU CARNIVORE!..FUCK YOU HERBAVORE!...AND FUCK YOU OMNIVORE!.......anguish!...sandwhich!)..

    (I will fuck a cherry pie if I have to)

    when you get bored with that shit go to his main page ( and watch thwe devil child sing..
  2. ITS THE NIBBUNS!!!!!!!!!!
  3. THAT SITE IS THE SUPER MOTHER FUCKING SHIZNIT MOTHER FUCKER..HELL YEAH!!!....GREATEST SHIT EVER MAN!!!!!WAAAA MOTHER FUCKING HOOO..I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF FOR FOURTY FIVE MINUTES AT THE GUN ONE......HAHAH...the first one i saw was the "i fuck badgers" one..the "secret video"...fucking great do you find this stuff man?

    EXACTLY WHAT WOULD HAPPEN...except with like pipes..."TAKE A HIT NOW!" NO YOU TAKE A HIT !
  4. nice bpp....

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