Fucked up girlfriend

Discussion in 'General' started by Magiggle, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. my girlfriend is fucked. she says if i ever smoke weed again or have any association with it again...she will dump me forever.....:confused:

    the thing is tho i love her and cant be without her....what should i do :(

    i love the herb to...should i get her to blaze with me to see how much fun she can have with it????

    please help...lolz:smoking:
  2. lol my bitch was the same way, just dont smoke with anyone who has a loud mouth. im pretty sure if your girlfriend doesnt drug test you, you should be fine lol...
  3. Keep your pimp hand strong.
  4. definatly keeping that pimp hand strong lol:D
    i think i should just get her realllllly blazed:smoking: so she can see how much fucking fun it is.
  5. If she drinks or smokes then she is a hypocrite. If not and she is some kind of goody goody then good luck at keeping it secret.
  6. tell her to grow up.....:hello:
  7. HAHAH that shit made me lol :D
  8. she says it tho cause her close friends family got fucked up cause of weed....which i think is bullshit, she drinks, use to smoke...i should tell her she can smoke if i can smoke weed ahaha
  9. Uh, find out why. Then, try to reason. Then, if that dosen't work, do it anyways. It's fucking stupid to dump someone for something like that.
  10. tell her if she ever drinks or smokes again, you'll break up with her.
  11. Get her dependant on heroin. It works for pimps it will work for you
  12. Don't take a childish approach to this, try to sit her down and rationally talk about it. Say you aren't arguing it because you can't live without it but why should you live without it if you don't abuse it and you utilize it for the good, like taking away headaches, stomach aches etc. Also, have her sit down and watch the union with her. Sometimes you have to respect your significant others request no matter how outrageous or ignorant it may be.
  13. drop the bitch. i mean like, literally, drop the bitch on her head and hope shes suffered enough brain damage to set her straight

  14. meaning????? lol. im to burnt to understand right now lolz:smoking:
  15. graduate high school and go to college.
  16. If she wants to break up with you because you smoke weed then kick her to the curb. If she really loved you she wouldn't care as long as you weren't making stupid decisions.

  17. word man, thats such a good call lol. thanks man:smoking:
  18. exactly. She should be with you for who you are, not what you do. If she really respects you, she'd take into consideration that you smoke bud and it doesn't affect you negatively.

    Has she said that she notices anything different between you two when you're blazed around her?
  19. Relationships are about compromise. What if you agreed to only smoking when you aren't going to be around her?

    But honestly, this is a form of manipulation. If she's not willing to compromise, and wants to control what you do even when she is not around, then you need to think about THAT.

    If you do give up weed for her, is the controlling aspect of her personality going to go away, or is it going to manifest in other ways?
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