fucked up fight video

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  1. Damn gorillas...
  2. Haha the lady holding the baby is going to make such a good mother.

  3. dont laugh, that kid doesnt have a choice. now hes gunna grow up like one of those reptiles.
  4. The comments are better than the video
  5. inb4delete
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    "bitch you aint got no panties on"


    but srsly these dudes are hoes, whoever that was hittin girl needs to get beat

    nvm i thought the girl hittin her was a guy
  7. Black?

    And why was there a baby there? Why?
  8. It wasn't interesting.

    So I watched the next one... and the next one... and I found a REAL GOOD fight.

    You should watch this... the good part is in the end.

    Black kid gets beat - Fight video
  9. this is why i plant landmines throughout the ghetto.
  10. I saw girl and naked now I'm here :cool:
  11. I went for the porn
  12. Must of been a family reunion with all those cousins In kept hearing about.
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