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Fucked Up Drug Test.. Concerned

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sebas597, May 21, 2013.

  1. Hi all,
    So I had a pre-employment drug screen a couple of weeks ago. I was clean for two months prior, ready to piss clean. I went in the day of the test (LabCorp), and since I had just traveled to a dry state with high altitude I was drinking a lot of water. In short, I pissed a diluted sample. I thought I was good to go so I toked up a few days later. I smoked absolute SCHWAG approximately 4-6 times over the course of three days. Last week I got a call asking for another test. I am traveling so have postponed it until June. I have ~8% bodyfat, 6"2' 175lbs. I will have been clean for 23 days before this test. I cannot dilute again as I assume the company will be pissed and just fail me. What are the odds of me passing? Thanks a lot, I'm really concerned.

  2. You're fine, just stay hydrated and exercise a bit
  3. You should be able to pass.  Your system was cleaned out before the test, so smoking some bad weed 4-6 times isn't going to keep it in your system for 23 days.  you don't have high body fat, and thc is stored in fat cells.  
    Stay hydrated and try to sweat a lot.  
  4. You'd be fine if you had posted this in the thread specifically stickied for drug test questions.

    But since you didn't, you're definitely going to fail. And you may or may not be sodomized at the same time.
  5. Haha my bad Milk Duds - I apologize. And for the rest of you, thanks.
  6. This gave me a good lol
  7. You'll be alright man. You oughta blaze some super dank chronic ASAP, though... ya know, just in case.
    ....but yeah you'll be ok.

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