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  1. Ok I haven't had a lucid dream in awhile. And I had my first one last night. There's a few things that interest me so to speak about this dream.

    Me and my friend (J) whose coming up to my cabin in a few days were hiking in the forest. We came to an L in the road.

    "Hey which way should we go?" J asks.
    "Left go off the road," I reply.

    We star walking off the road and about 10 paces in I feel something tug on my life. I look down and there's a string that runs along the road, going along the lower part of the L.

    "That's weird..." I think to myself.

    We walk 50-100 paces and I look up. I see a person dressed in farmer clothes with a chainsaw. I turn around and see a person with a club. I think it was a tire iron. The guy with the chainsaw turns it on.


    I begin running as fast as I can (when I actually have to run, I can out run anyone. I've outrun cops 3 or 4 times as big as me. being tall with long legs makes you run incredibly fast) and I manage to out run the two guys. My friend wasn't so lucky. They cought him and I could hear him screaming and yelling. I saw them get into a blue pick up truck and drive off on the lower part of the L in the road. I keep running for 10 minutes and I hide behind a bush.

    "I can't leave him there. I have to go." I said to myself.

    I open up my bag and get my garden shears, bear mace and a bottle of water.
    I head out towards the direction of their house. As I approach the house I notice the rope going up to the house.
    "Must be a bell." I think to myself.
    I grab my garden shears and head around back. I could hear my friend screaming in agony. The door is open and I see my friends leg and arm on the ground. I raise my garden shears and got ready to stab the guy in the head.
    I got clubbed on the head and blacked out.

    1) This was originally supposed to be a trip with me, J and C. Except C wasn't present. I found out C couldn't come after I had the dream.
    2) I remember the road and how everything looked, there's a road just north of a place where me and my friend went 2 months ago (we plan on exploring the whole area,) that looks exactly like the road did in the dream. Same curve and everything. I've never been at that spot before, but I checked on google maps after the dream.
    3) My gut feeling after I woke up, and after I started looking into this more wasn't good. It felt like something bad would happen. I trust my gut and I can't tell you how many times it's gotten me out of trouble. Trouble that I would be in jail for a long time (very illegal unmentionable possession. Don't worry I did't kill anyone lol.) And times that I've ignored my gut, I've gotten into trouble.
    4) Weird experiences in the area the last few months.

    I know it's probably just a dream. But idk it struck me in a really weird way.
  2. If I were you man I'd tell your pal J about the dream.
    I agree with you on sticking with your gut..every time I feel something bad was going to happen it did.
    And I can also run very fast when I'm pissed/scared.I normally don't run fast in moat situations because I feel there's no need to,but when it's a matter or life or death,I'm calf muscled terminator or something.
  3. This doesn't really relate to your dream but have you ever had a dream and then either the next day or a couple days later the exact thing that happens in your dream happens in real life? It's almost as if I can tell the future or something.
  4. The funny thing is the one time i got caught by the cops is because i was too fast.

  5. I told him about it. I didn't tell him that I had a bad gut feeling. I'll tell him when he gets here. I figure it would be better to do in person. He's listened to everything that's happened to me about my AP's and I appreciate that.
    Hell yea bro. I out ran 2 cops that were less then 5 feet infront of me when I started running LOL.

    I think I should also mention alot of stuff I've been doing recently has been giving me deja vu's like I"ve seen it, and done it in a dream.

    No, but

  6. Yea man I'm starting to get it a lot more then I used too... I must be smoking too much dank or something, but then again I think its pretty cool. Its like when you have a dream you think nothing about it but then it happens the next day and your like, "Oh shit, I remember dreaming about this last night."
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    Yea man its cool but weird. And if its true then I don't have a good feeling about this D: Part of me wants to not go exploring in that area. But part of me wants to, and I want to. I have to know if it's real or not. I can't let it go. But I remember what I saw down to really important details. And if anything like that stars happening I'm getting the fuck out.
    EDIT: So lets talk theoretically. If it does happen and I'm the one that gets away should I go back to try and save him? It would most likely result in my death but if I didn't and survived I would always have the guilt, and not know for the rest of my life. I'm on the fence, and it would probably depend on the situation. 85% chance I would 15% chance I wouldn't.

  8. Haha I'm sure you'll be fine, I mean how often do you run into crazy people in woods with chainsaws that like to kill people? Its like a horror movie or something.
  9. I used to have dreams like this all the time before I started smoking weed.. being chased by the cops with a bunch of crazy shit going on around me, bullets flying, in a city-like warzone, big pyramid like maze structures made of grey stone.. or I had dreams about people breaking into my house and killing me at the end.

    Sleep sucked before weed.

  10. Me too but it's just weird.
    2-3 weeks ago I found this really weird as spot. bounch of skeletons, and a skull of a horse I think. I got weird vibes after a bit so I left.
    I'm getting on my bike and I hear something say, "your going to die," scared the living shit out of me and I ditched.

    2 Months ago I'm with my buddy hiking on a rockface. We stop and I see a grey coloured blip in the air move really fast towards me. Stopped there infront of me and stood there in the shape of a grey coloured humanoid looking thing for a second or two then dissapeared. Two days later me and my friend cross a fence. I see a beer bottle on the ground. We walk to the end of the rock face, I see something move in the forest, think it's just an animal. We get weird vibes and decide to go. Beer bottle is broken and pieces are everywhere. I looked but there was no other beer bottle. It broke without a sound.

    All this just feels really weird.
  11. dude thats kinda creepy. i wouldnt want to go after that. thats got to be a sign to avoid the area. or go with guns and armor

  12. Buddy is bringing his pellet gun, I'll be bringing my bear mace, and a pair of garden sheers to use to clear paths. I'm going man. I have to find out. I need to know. It feels like I'm being pulled to lol. Its weird to explain.

  13. Now that my friend, is some WEIRD SHIT. It seems like somethings out to get you! :eek: Na but for real I'm not the type of person who really believes in all that ghost type of shit but I think I might start looking into it some more. I mean hell even if none of its real it is still pretty interesting.
  14. well update in a timely fashion or youll be presumed dead. we need to hear what you see when youre there
  15. When are you going? Subbed for updates.
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    He's coming here august 3rd. Most likey between august 4th and 10th. Probably even the 4th. I'll also be making a blog entry about it today or tomorrow were I'll blog everything that happens while he's here so you can check this or that.

    Yea that's what would probably happen. I'm always on atleast once a day, but when he's here I won't be on until the evenings. Nothing will probably happen, chances are nothing will happen, but you never know.

  17. Nice I'll definitely check that out.
  18. Blog is up.

  19. I subbed to it before you even posted this. :D

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