FUCKED UP at work?

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  1. what's the most fucked you've ever been at a job?

    one time after an acid trip w/ a friend, he realized he had to go to work that morning, and when i took him to taco bell *shudder* he tells me im scheduled to work that morning too! oh FUCK. ha an hour later the shift manager girl comes out and talks me out of the car. the whole day was so fucked. i didnt have a uniform, i was telling people good night at 10am, and i kept thinking the money was fake. i think all the people who went through the drive thru thought i was retarded. fine by me. finally the fryer broke and the register broke and the toaster stopped working, the manager was cool cause it was her last day. and uh i think i quit too. by the way. dont eat at taco bell.
  2. I love taco bell why not
  3. haha i've been too fucked up at school...does that count?
  4. I went to work while tripping on shrooms once, I've also been shitfaced drunk and am frequently high at work
  5. Cause someone who wosked there wont eat there. THOSE are the people who KNOW weather or not to eat somewhere. I don't eat ANY fastfood now that my friends have worked at pretty much all of them. Chick-Fil-A is the only one I've been told is really clean. Subway and other sandwich shops can be good too.
  6. I've actually never been fucked up on the job, but I've only had the pleasure of having one job in my life (so-far). The day will come soon.
  7. one of my best friends drank a lot before work for some reason and ended up flat-lining for a little. they got him back and he's all good now. dunno if he got fired or not, but he never showed back up ever lol

    i've never been fucked up at work, i don't even smoke before or at work. but when i was a senior in highschool i took 7 bars and don't remember a thing after lunch up until the next morning when i woke up in bed. the following 6 weeks of my life were spent in an alternative school and sober. shittyass times..
  8. I ended up having to work tripping before too. Horrible experience. It was so hard to concentrate on anything and I kept getting the image of my brain boiling in my head.

    Brighter note, my friend and me used to work at Domino's. We were both pissed because tips were shitty and people were being dicks. So I was like fuck it, let's go to my house and blow down. So we go drive over and smoke out for like an hour and a half on the clock. We come back fucking blitzed and find out the manager had let all the other drivers go home, so the earliest delivery was like two hours late. It was hilarious. Dude said he didn't care, he just wishes we would have told him.
  9. Walking Zombie day after xanax overdose.

    needless to say i got wrote up and sent home.
  10. I'll do a couple lines before work every now and then :]

    Gets me motivated as hell. I'll be slapping out pizzas like none other.
  11. the first time i ever snorted and smoked xanex(Laced Blunt). Smoked another joint and i went to my job at a grocery store where drugs are prohibited(Retard). Im a bagger so i have nothing hard to do at work, I don't even remember going to work. Fuck that xanex shit makes you a zombie:confused:. Who the fuck knows what i did or said?? but i didnt get fired :rolleyes:

    Havent done xanex since.
  12. I went in to kfc to cook robo trippin, epic, when I was there i could barely feel the effects and felt good working..weird

    for me the worst drug to work on is anti-psychotics (worst drugs to be on period) they make me feel like shit, totally not motivated to do anything, makes me want to just go to sleep

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