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  1. So, I just got a heavy load dropped on me.

    I didn't know my father for 24 years and some months. Tonight, I learned some things about myself.

    My half-sister contacted me on facebook and let me in on some shit that I've never known.

    Why couldn't anyone tell me? Why did my (half-sister on my mom's side) know but I didn't?

    This is seriously fucked up, don't even know what to say to any of them after this.

    On top of that, this had to happen while I'm like 7 beers in and budless. FML.

  2. Were you adopted?
  3. no, and here' some more characters because "no" isn't enough
  4. Well....what did she say?

    Btw, that's why I say fuck off to social networking :p
  5. guess I didn't make it clear, probably because i'm not in the best state of mind, but I didn't know I had a half-sister, or know who my bio. father was at all.

    I only use social networking to keep in touch with like my military friends and other people who are now states away, hard to keep in touch on the phone all the time when life is so busy anymore
  6. Hon, give yourself a little time to "digest" this new information. It takes a bit of time to change 24 years worth of thinking.

    I can sort of relate. I have a half-sister who was given up for adoption. (Convoluted family scandal :cool: ) I was about 12 at the time and was told that "the baby died." I spent over 20 years tracking her down- and she doesn't want a thing to do with me. She is an upper-class preppy type, and I am not. (Her loss!)

    Whatever you learned, you will be able to deal with it! No matter what your dad may have done, or not done, you are still you. You are much stronger than you think! (Just think back on all the stuff you have survived so far. If you survived all that, you will survive this, too!)

    Drink some water and take a "B" vitamin before you crash out. A hangover won't help your morning!

    Hang in there!

    Granny :wave:
  7. Don't worry, "digest' is exactly what I am doing here, cannot sleep (I have regular insomnia issues) and have been thinking all night/morning. I know I will survive I just don't know what to think or say. I obviously want to meet my half-sister and my father, who are ok with it, but what am I supposed to tell my mother, who kept it a secret?

    bllllaaahh I hate being drunk. Sober needs to come soon
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    Storm Crow always gives me a boner with the great advice she always posts.

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