fucked up an excursion

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  1. alright, this is a bit of a long read, but a good one..it involves roadrage, male ego, and revenge.. so go ahead and take a bonghit right now and settle in fer a read.

    so this happend a little over a year ago before i transferred schools, but i was a sophomore. Me and my roomate matt are driving back from some hiking bs we went on, his freshmen gf and her roomate are in my backseat.(not my kind of girls, they thought matt was cool b/c we had a straight apartment and have cool wheels), but everything is cool, the girls are back there snapping pictures and generally dicking off. This big excursion pulls infront of me, which doesnt matter at the moment, and we drive for another 2-3 miles before coming up to a stoplight.

    i come up behind this big ass excursion and the kid driving leans out the window and says something like "turn yer fuckin lights off cunt" or something of the sort..its like 3:30 in the afternoon, my headlights arent on..so i turn them on and flash them a few times.(im just under 6'6" 250, and i have a tazer left over from my peddling days that lives in my car, i figure flashing my lights will be ok.) the light turns green and we both turn left onto a road w/2 lanes each side, so he gets up next to me. The kid in his passenger seat gets in the backseat behind the driver so they are both hanging out the windows yellin shit "you wanna go pussy, you wanna go pussy?!" the front windows of my car are open and dammit if the kid inthe backseat heaves a beer into my car. I am shitting bricks sideways.

    I swerve at the excursion trying to scare him or something..i dont know.. but im yelling at em and pointing to pull the fuck over. I think one of the girls was crying..and matt was like "dude just go back to the place man, dude".. matts a skinny pussy. To my surprise the Exc. reels right up next to me and the driver leans out the window with a fucking police baton, the ones that extend open, and he rocks the shit out of my roof. I lock it up and get ouf of the car, i am about to kill someone. but they drive off, couldnt catch em..fuck. assholes won. my cars got a megadent.

    later that night im thinking what the hell could i do, when i realize, they pulled infront of me somewhere on that road, so i go back the next night to try and find that big ass excursion. and about 10 min of looking later, bingo.

    i come back about a week later on a tuesday morning just before 4 in the morning with my buddy kwat and M. I have my knife, M has my car jack, and kwat has the tire iron. I leave my car running in the street and we surround this thing on foot. I start digging into the tires untill "*KSHHHHHHHHHH*" , while i run around to dif. tires im etching the door panels. M has run around the car battering ramming it with this carjack, he fucked up all the lights and panels. Then he stood on the runner boards of this thing and was damn powerbombing the jack into the roof. Kwat was busy with the windows and everything else. This assault took...45 seconds? that car was toatled without moving an inch.

    maybe this was a little drastic. But fuck that. That kid hung out the drivers window, were doing like 50mph, and smacked my car with a metal baton. those motherfuckers should have tried to fight me 2 on 1 and taken their asswhipping. sorry so long, hope it was entertaining.

    matt if you read this, yer a pussy and i love riding yer bike.
  2. Nice choice of words, excursion.

    Anyways, good read man haha.:smoking:
  3. Revenge....

    Usually its not worth it, but we all reach that point, that last straw.

    I hate punk ass people.

    He probably got what he deserved.
  4. Last summer my brother had just got his car and he was driving down a road with 1 lane in each direction. My brother was being followed by a pick up truck. He went to turn left when the guy in the pick up truck went into the opposite lane and tried to roast him.. while he's taking a fucking left turn.

    He gets up and clips the front of my brother's car, my brother gets out and he's like "wtf dude" and the guy starts flipping out blaming my brother. My brother calls me and I tell him not to overreact and just get the information and let ICBC deal with it. My brother does that but he keeps the guy's home address.

    When I come home from school he gives me the address and one night about 1/2 way through the summer at about 3am we paid this guys house a visit with a couple friends of mine. There was the pickup truck, a shitty old corolla, and a brand new Mazda3.

    I had a crow bar and a knife, my bro had an aluminum bat and a cricket bat, and my other 2 buddies each had metal pipes. I took the knife to all the tires and we bashed in all the windows. We hit every car at least 20x, putting huge dents EVERYWHERE we touched.

    It took maybe all of 2 minutes, then we were gone in my buddy's piece-of-shit SUV that he hid in the woods for a few weeks to make sure nobody found us.
  5. That was a great story.

    Andy-that was funny as shit too

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