Fucked over? Broken bong?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by we trippy, Feb 7, 2014.

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  2. Damn seems pretty elaborate..that hole almost seems like they melted it through or something. Roommates?

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    That's exactly why I am trippin.... How do you cut a circle that perfect through glass? Did I break it by accident when I was drunk and half the bottom fell off or did someone literally cut a whole through it...just confusing. If you're doubting me you can fuck off seriously. I am not in the mood, and I have a life unlike some people. This forum is real, and if you have doubts leave. Thanks for the input anyhow.
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    cutting a hole like that would not be hard, there are lots of tools out there that would do the job.
    personally I would find something to plug the hole and tape it up for now, the when you find out who did it, I would throw that baby towards their head, because that is bs.
    I totally feel for you and I would be raging if someone did that to me.  Also if you find out who did it they should buy you a new one, if nobody admits it you should make all your roommates cover the costs.
    I honestly cant believe someone would do that tho.
    P.s you should also make them read this thread once all the blades make some nasty posts, maybe they will get the message.
  5. Do they know you smoke and do they care. Maybe you shouldn't leave your bong in the living room with a bunch of non smokers. I agree it seems strange to cut a hole in the bong though lol.

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  6. I get that and I feel for you op but why would someone buy tools which could get expensive just to put a hole in a bong, when they could just do something easier...
    Idk but that's just fucked up

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  7. was it a nice/expensive piece

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  8. Damn dude that is like, a CLEAN circle cut. It's making it very hard to imagine that the damage happened by accident, especially at that location of your bong. Seems like someone was trying to piss you off. There are definitely hand tools used to cut glass easily. However, I have also had a glass of water just clean cut itself horizontally in half (dunno how the hell it happened) and fall out of my hand, it looked like someone had cut it professionally. 
    Was there no glass debris around? To me, it sounds like if your roommates dont smoke, all, few, or one of them may be getting seriously pissed off at your smoking habit and your bong being left around. 
    If somebody DID do it deliberately, then that is completely wrong and they had absolutely no right (obviously). If it is because they are upset at your smoking, then they could have talked to you about it, not cut a hole in your bong. 
    Either way, don't stress dude. It can be replaced. Karma's a bitch.
  9. Plug it up and use it a few times then put the bong water in a bottle and put it in the fridge then wait for someone to drink it. Just kidding of course because it would suck if someone drank it who had nothing to do with it breaking.
  10. Damn. Time to chuck a rubber stopper in there and giver a rip lol

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  11. straight up i would be violent is someone did that shit. if i had non smoking roomates and they did that shit and then laughed about it they would be getting a bong to the head. bongs are to expensive to be pulling that kind of shit. 
  12. wtf...first i saw another blade where he possiblly melted his the downstem joint with hot water, then this?! some weird things going on in glass these days....anyways, just ask your roomies man. you werent around and you dont know if they were or werent, but gotta figure this out. it looks waaay too clean of a cut to chalk it up to accident or glass fault at this point.
  13. If you have had the bong for over three years and have had the same roommates for that long, it is very highly unlikely any of them did it. Seems like an outside job, unless you can find the tool used to make that hole.
  14. Stop leaving your stuff in the living room.
    The loose ends in your life are whipsawing back to lash you.
  15. Process of elimination dude.. I don't look like a girls work to me my girl woulda just smashed it.. Js
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    I would cut a hole in one of each of your roomate's favorite things.
    A few things could result.
    -The one/s who didn't cut the hole (but know who did) will say something to the effect of, "But I didn't even do it, it was XXX!" Thus revealing the identity of the hole cutter.
    -The one's who didn't cut the hole (but know who did) will suspect the hole cutter of also cutting their stuff, and blame him/her. Again giving away the identity the hole cutter.
    -No one but the actual cutter knows who cut the hole, and this will spawn a roomate wide search for the for the hole cutter's identity. In which case, the hole cutter will eventually fold and admit, "I cut the bong, but not the X and X." Again revealing the identity of the hole cutter.
    The final possible result will be all of them being in on it, and no one admitting it, therefore you took appropriate levels of revenge by giving each hole cutting plotter a hole of their own. Or in simple terms, you have balanced the scales of justice.
  17. When did I ever mention anything about doubting you?? Then you go on to tell me I don't have a life? The fucks up with this guy

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  18. Fuck your roommates they sound like jackasses. Have them buy you a new one. If they wouldn't I would honestly move out or get a lock on my door because that's just annoying.

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  19. Dude...you lost the PLUG. Or someone knocked it out. That wasn't cut in there unless one of your roommates has access to a $500,000 waterjet. Some glass and acrylic bongs come with a clear silicone grommet, so I'm just guessing you never noticed. Try looking around the couch.

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