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  1. I just cleaned up my whole computer, updated iTunes, updated bit-torrent and a good chunk of my iTunes library went missing, like 8 gigs of music, I found it and put it all back but now I have two of each song, one of which doesn't work.

    I am completely anal with my music, I've spent hours upon hours just organizing it, all artist's names match, song names are capitalized ect..

    My whole library is just fucked up now. Time to delete hundreds of songs manually.


  2. I gave up on using iTunes. Media Monkey ftw!
  3. I'm the same way and that sucks badly. Only advice I can give you is if you go to the file menu you can click "display duplicates" which makes it slightly easier. Good luck.
  4. Same way with my music dude. Everything has to be labeled properly and have the proper album art. It's actually kind of a fun task to go through when blazed.

    A few months ago, my computer got a virus, and it deleted EVERYTHING. Like, literally every song off of my iTunes. :( I've been slowly working to get everything back. (Pirate Bay helps :p )

    Yours doesn't sound so bad. Good luck. :hello:
  5. Yeah it's what I'm doing right now. What makes it even easier is that all the ones that don't work have an exclamation mark next to them. I have to highlight every other song, going through about 2,000 of them.

    Yeah I love doing all of it stoned, when it's done I feel so good. I just wish I had a higher capacity iPod to keep ALL my music on, instead of selecting what I want to carry around.

    Sorry for your loss. :(
  6. i've had similar problem before. fuck going through and deleting every duplicate sucks, esp. when you have to test each song to make sure its the one that doesnt work. just be sure to get real high before trying to organize it all
  7. Thats what you get for using an Apple product.
  8. Other than this, which has happened once or twice before, I am very satisfied with Apple products.

    iTunes is fucking awesome. My 2ng gen iPod touch is also awesome.
  9. iTunes ftw, try deleting everything (not the files of course) and adding them in again.
  10. there's a feature in itunes that shows you all the duplicates, which can make it easy to find the ones you need to edit/delete.

    and it's possible that everything you lost was there all along, so in itunes order all your music by date added and all the duplicates you just added should be grouped on one halfof the list. so you can just select everything that's as recent as when you fucked it all up, and delete that.
  11. Holy fucking shit. I love you, seriously. The date added made it take five fucking seconds. +rep
  12. did it happen right after the BT update? same shits happened here, glad ya fix'dr back quick bro. Peace

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