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  1. Alright so I'm still in highschool, and the past three years have been hell with my parents. Theyre both strongly religious and refuse to accept my lifestyle even though it really doesn't cause any problems (i've never been caught, done anything stupid, or been in any trouble with the law. I got caught shoplifting something worth about a dollar and change a while back but I paid it back double and the police werent notified, no big deal). Anyway so I'm randomly drug tested like a convict just because I do something harmless that I love, and only makes my life better? Yeah, makes a ton of sense. Anyway so the past few weeks I've stopped giving a fuck. And last night I failed one of my mom's drug tests, only for THC and theyre flipping the fuck out. Basically I'm screwed for a while. So basically I'm just asking if anyone has had any sucess convincing their religious, closed-minded parents to leave them alone? I guess the worst part is I Know i'm not doing any thing wrong. Besides disagreeing with them I suppose. :(
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    here listen to this.
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehBPdS6Gmpc]YouTube - Phantogram - Let Me Go[/ame]

    seriously you can't expect someone to just accept you if their misinformed, and it really is their house their rules. Smoke outside and don't come home high.
  3. The best way is to move out, though I'm not sure you can right now. If not, suck it up. Try having them watch the Union though, worth a try.

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